When Will The Silent Sea Season 2 Release Date Come? Read To Know!

Space, Moon, Stars, Asteroid, and many more things! They all look amazing and watching it in the series, dramas and movies will just round your head. Today’s drama is based on such a space outlook. We are going to talk about The Silent Sea. The Silent Sea, is its name, are an upcoming South Korean sci-fi mystery, thriller, and suspenseful streaming television series. The series is based on a short film, named The Sea of Tranquility, which was released in 2014. The creators of the series include Park Eun – Kyo, who is the writer, and Choi Hang – Yong, who directed the series. The series is released under Artist Company.

The Silent Sea Season 2 Release Date

The season 1 aired on December 24, 2021. It premiered on Netflix. The series Went for 8 long episodes in season 1. Each episode around 45 minutes or an hour. Just like other space-based drama series, this series will also rock on and amaze the audience with flying colors. But, till then, you have to wait for a little.

Till now, there is No official news about The silent sea Season 2 Release Date, and we don’t surely know if the makers will renew the series for season 2 or not, but if it will renew for the next one, then it can come by 2023.

Season Release Date
The Silent Sea Season 124 December 2021
The Silent Sea Season 2To Be Announced
The Silent Sea Season 2 Release Date

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The Silent Sea Season 1 Story Plot

The Silent Sea Season 2 Release Date

The plot of the series is set in the future, where the Earth is facing the unavailability of water. Due to this reason, humans have decided to shift to the moon of our solar system. For the safety of humans, a team of specialists, engineers, and biologists were appointed, which will go on a dangerous 24 – hour mission on the Balhae Base Research Station on the moon. Every character plays and shows us his / her uniqueness and talent. Although the mission is dangerous, it was important too to save the earth. Some mysterious sample must be needed to save the earth. Let us see now, how the team will lead in their mission and progress to win the battle of saving the Earth.

The Story has been Incredibly be loved by the audience and the Season one received a lot positive reviews, It is highly Expected that there might be Another Season as no Creator would miss a chance of getting a good response on the season 2 after the earlier one has been a success. We will have to wait for a long time before the creators make an announcement regarding the season 2.

The Silent Sea Season 2 Cast

The Silent Sea Season 2 Release Date

Gong Yoo is seen in the character of Han Yun – Jae is the team leader of the mission. He keeps the safety of his team members at the top and will not refrain from putting himself in any problem. He is one of the selfless and kind persons on the team. Heo Sung – Tae saw in the character of Kim Jae – Sun is the chief of the Resource Group of Aviation Administration. Bae Doona seen in the character of Doctor Song Ji – is an astrobiologist and joined the team to find the truth behind the Balhae Base Research Station on the moon. She is the first member of the team who assures others of the environment of the moon. Lee Moo – Saeng has seen in the character of Gong Soo-hyuk is the head of the security team. Lee Joon seen in the character of Captain Ryoo Tae – Seok is the head engineer of the team. He was being volunteered for the mission. He was formerly a member of the National Defence of Security.

The Silent Sea Season 2 Trailer

Let’s bingo with the trailer now. As it is not clear if the series will have its season 2 or not, the trailer of season 2 is also not available. But, don’t worry, we are here providing you with the trailer for season 1. Just watch it and you will be in love with the series.

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