Is What Happened In Oslo/Bortført Season 2 Release Date Out?

Suspense and thriller are everyone’s favorite, and you can’t resist watching this genre. Confused? Well, no worries, as we are today going to tell you about such an amazing and wonderful series, which will seriously give you goosebumps. The Girl From Oslo Or What Happened In Oslo [ Norway: Bortført ] is a Nowaign series, which is full of thriller, suspense, and political drama. The writers of the series are Kyrre Holm Johannessen and Ronit Weiss – Berkowitz and got directed by Uri Barbash and Stian Kristiansen. The show has just one season with a total of 10 episodes.

What Happened in Oslo/Bortført Season 2 Release Date

What Happened in Oslo/Bortført Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of the series has recently started on December 19, 2021. It got 6 ratings out of ten on IMDb, 4.5 out of 5 on What’s New On Netflix, and was liked by approximately 80 % of people. The runtime of each episode is 30 to 40 minutes. As it received such a positive review from the fans, it is going to be liked by more people in the coming episodes. If we talk about the release date of season 2, then let me tell you that, currently the series is ongoing with its season 1, as it has just started, there is no news of its next season. The makers have not announced if they will be back again with the next season or not. It all depends on the story. Well, let’s see what happens and, till then, just enjoy season 1.

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What Happened in Oslo/Bortført Season 2 Story

What Happened in Oslo/Bortført Season 2 Release Date

The series starts with a birthday bash, showing a cake, balloons and many more. But, suddenly the twist comes and we are taken to some other side. Alex comes from Oslo to Israel to meet her daughter, Pia, but she was shocked to know that her daughter has been kidnapped along with her two other friends. The kidnappers are from the ISIS group, who made a deal to leave the girls.

They asked the government to leave the twelve Israeli terrorists and one Norwaign terrorist: Abu Salim, in the return of the girls. Alex and her husband, Karl made their every research and hard work to find their daughter and her friends. The politics also came in between, with the thriller and suspense. Will the terrorists leave the girls and succeed in their mission Or will they end up losing the game? To know the answers, you have to watch the series.

Who Is In The Series? Know Here!Amos Tamam is the character of Arik, Raida Adon in the character of Layla, Anneke von der Lippe in the character of Alex, Andrea Berntzen in the character of Pia, Shadi Mar’i in the character of Yusuf, and Jameel Khoury in the character of Bashir.

What Happened in Oslo/Bortført Season 2 Trailer

Here comes the trailer of the series, which will give you the cringe taste with some suspense too. Watch it with a cup of coffee and, I bet, you are going to watch this series after watching the trailer.

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