Does Netflix Have A Student Discount?

Statistically, the highest percentage of Netflix audience is comprised of students and now the question arises in the mind of all whether Netflix is giving out a discount especially for students? It’s really tough for the students to pay for Netflix from the little allowances they get and most families don’t have a big Netflix plan which is a big problem for most students.

Netflix is regarded as the best and the most user-friendly platform for streaming the show online is quite expected to have a student discount but unfortunately, the truth is that there are no discounts available or any preference given to anyone. Still, that’s not a reason for us to stop watching Netflix for sure and there are many other ways through which we can get a near to near alternative for a discount on Netflix.

What Is Netflix?

Does Netflix Have A Student Discount

Netflix is a subscription-based streaming platform along with that it also has its own production company from where we get all those Netflix exclusives that are worth the Netflix subscription we pay for. It is also regarded as the most user-friendly platform for streaming shows and the exclusives from Netflix are not available anywhere else. The origination of the platform was mainly in America but now it’s a worldwide-based platform and includes shows from all the countries out there. It’s one of the biggest streaming platforms out in the market and gives competition to platforms such as Hulu, amazon prime, and Starz.


Netflix Student Discount 2022 Alternatives

As we have already announced that there is no discount from Netflix for the student but there are surely some alternatives.

The first is the free one-month trial that is provided to the customer for a one-month period after signing in with an email account and banking details, the students can surely log in with other email accounts after the end of the one-month period, and keep on using the platform service. This has been a way used by many and it’s completely legal and safe on part of the students but surely a bit unethical.

Another sure shot but lengthy method is that we can use the one-month free trial period from one account and move to another account after a few months gap in the first account, another free trial period is provided to the user, as a form of intriguing to make the individual a subscriber, if the student waits for a long time and uses many such free trial periods on the same account, he/she will soon see the value of the subscription plan reducing. This is surely a lengthy trick but it is the closest we can get to a discount and is completely legal as well as ethical on the part of the students.

Sharing with your friends is a great option, in this case, the subscription money will surely reduce along with if a group of students chooses a higher plan they can enjoy multiple streaming at the same time, this can also be done in families and at the same time you can be a part of your family subscription plan which is commonly a single-stream plan, though a bit compromised but worth all the shows out there.

Sharing of Netflix passwords is completely legal and is done by most people and those are the only ways until and unless the student manages to get a promotional account from different internships and companies although that’s a rare case and doesn’t count for a discount.

Streaming Platform Alternatives

Amazon prime doesn’t provide a student discount for sure but the trial period for amazon prime is only 6 Months whereas for Netflix it is only 1 month and in the case of amazon prime you get many more services that prime customers enjoy shopping sites as well. Hulu is another streaming platform that provides its subscription at a much less price than Netflix and is a big competitor in the market too. HBO, on the other hand, is the best out of all in this case. Students can avail a discount on HBO and enjoy all their exclusives at a much less rate than any non-student individual.

Netflix Gift Cards

Does Netflix Have A Student Discount

Another great alternative is Netflix gift cards are another alternative that is easily available on social media and can be achieved by participating in various online activities, those can be used to get a Netflix subscription without any charges at all.