Is Catch The Fair One Based On A True Story?

Catch the fair one is an American film belonging to the thriller genre. the film is written and directed by joseph Kubota Wladyka. The film was very appreciated based on the storyline and the way it was directed, the stars did a splendid job in emphasizing the idea of sex trafficking, the movie received a 6.6 IMDb rating and is surely worth a watch. The movie also gathered a huge fanbase since the date of its release. The movie hasn’t received a prequel yet, which is a very anticipated event by the audience of the film.

The story revolves around the protagonist’s sister who was kidnapped and subjected to the sex trafficking racket of the city, while the protagonist fights all odds with the only aim of rescuing her sister and other girls who were subjected to the same atrocities. Another very important question that has come to the mind of the audience is whether the story is based on a real-life incident. According to the makers of the movie, the story is completely fictional but the storyline was built after much research and written in a very realistic way. It truly depicted the atrocities and the darkness of a sex trafficking racket and what hundreds of native girls have already faced.

Catch The Fair One Release Date

Is Catch The Fair One Based On A Real-Life Story

The making of the movie catch the fair was actually started in the year 2019 and it was first released at the Tribeca film festival in June 2021. After a year IFC movies was able to buy the distribution rights to the movie and the movie finally reached the public on the 11th of February 2022. The trailer of the movie was released on YouTube in January 2022 and has been very much anticipated by the audience. The movie has a near 1 hour 25 minutes runtime and the storyline was concluded in a much more unpredictable way. There haven’t been any updates regarding season 2 of the movie and even it if happens, the approximate release date will be at the end of 2023.


Catch The Fair One Story

The movie starts with the introduction to our protagonist who is a former boxer and an addict who is living in a shelter named Kaylee. She works as a waiter presently and we also get to know about her sister weeta. The story proceeds with the kidnapping of weeta and her introduction to the cities sex trafficking racket. Soon Kaylee finds many more leads and ends up meeting with an agent of the local sex trafficking racket. Many consequences were faced and after a lot of struggles, keyless gets in the car with bobby, the son of our main villain and the head of this racket.

She was drugged and taken to the house of the buyer where we find out about a blade that she had hidden in her mouth and tries to cut the ropes using it. Soon bobby realizes about her motive and leaves her at the mercy of the buyer. Kaylee ends up killing the buyer using her blade and escaping and hiding in the car of bobby. Soon we see bobby getting a thorough scolding from his father willie and is sent off to his family. The story proceeds with Kaylee getting into her home using her boxing skills and tortures him to death but doesn’t find anything, soon Linda ends up opening her mouth and Kaylee is taken to the den where she ends up freeing many of the girls but couldn’t find her sister in it. She also ends up shooting the in charge of the place with multiple gunshots which just depicted the aggression she had stored inside her.

Soon using the help of Linda, Kaylee sneaks into the house of willie where she ends up going into a complete shoot out with willie and his wife, towards the end willie and both Kaylee was killed and she wishes, if things hadn’t gotten this way and if she could save her sister.

Catch The Fair One Trailer

Is Catch The Fair One Based On A Real-Life Story

The trailer of the movie was released by IFC movies in the month of January and after just one month the movie was released. The trailer is currently available on YouTube whereas the movie can be enjoyed by the audience on Netflix, amazon prime as well as Hulu.