The Path Season 4 Release Date Is Canceled!

For A change do you also like to switch to something intense and sort of a breathtaking show? A show which makes your mind wander, and at the same time you get to experience various emotions at once. The makers of the show Path which is American based drama, have given birth to a new genre that is named religious fiction. The show revolves around the concept of fictional religion which is named Meyerism.
The makers of the show were given orders by Hulu to start working on the show, in the year 2015 around ow had to be a series that had 10 episodes.
The show was then renamed in the year 2015 in existed in real life and was allegedly known to be a cult, which The way International.

The Path Season 4 Release Date

The Path Season 4 Release Date

The order for the making of the show was released in March in the year 2015, and after a year Long effort and toil, finally, the first season of the show was released on the 30th of March in the year 2016.
In the year 2016, the show had its second season also like the fan base of the show grew pretty huge, therefore, Hulu concluded the series, and it was then released in the year 2017 in later on the year, Hulu decided to renew the again, and this time the show had 13 episodes, and the third season of the show was then released in the year 2018 in January. But finally, in the year 2018, it was announced by Jessica Goldberg that the show will not have another season and that the third season was the last season of the show.

The Path Season 1 Release DateMarch 30, 2016
The Path Season 2 Release DateJanuary 25, 2017
The Path Season 3 Release DateJanuary 17, 2018
The Path Season 4 Release DateCanceled


The Path Season 4 Story

The story of the show revolves around the subject of Meyerism, Eddie is a character in a show who is living in New York along with his wife named Sarah and also two children namely Hawk and Summer.
And these characters are members of a movement named the Meyerist Movement, so what exactly is a Meyerist Movement, it is a movement that included the philosophies of the new age, Scientology, shamanism, utopianism, and Christian Mysticism respectively.

Eddie eventually makes his return to Peru, and in Peru, he has had a spiritual retreat which helped in advancing the ladder of Meyers, which was coming ahead.
Further, we see in the story that Eddie comes in with revelations and that is the point that makes him question his faith in the same.
And while all of this is going on a friend of his wife, is been portrayed as someone who is one of the top leaders of the Meyers. She is someone who is portrayed as someone who is looking forward to someone who will help her to expand the influence of the group and will help her in finding out the whereabouts of the person who is responsible for the death of their respected founder namely Doctor Stephen Meyer.

What is exactly is the meaning of Meyerism according to the show, so Meyerism is portrayed as a movement that was founded by a gentleman named Stephen Meyer.
As the mythology of the show says, in the year 1974, in October Meyer climbed up a ladder which was indeed a burning light atop Huayna Picchu to receive the message of literal universal truth.
It was after this when he started to preach to his followers were the instructions which lead to the spiritual development, which are indeed inscribed in the first-ever book of Meyerism, the Ladder.

The Path Trailer

The trailer of The Path had already made the audience curious about the series as it seemed like a show which had so many answers to so many questions indeed, all in all, the show is a thumbs up. You are going to love it if you are someone who is very much into thrill and excitement and at the same time intensity.