Why Is Weeds Season 9 Release Date Taking Much Time To Arrive?

Weeds is a dark comedy-drama satire television series of American which was created by Jenji Kohan and aired on Showtime from 8th August 2005 to September 16, 2012.

Having lost her husband and two children, Nancy Botwin begins to sell marijuana to provide for her family. As well as Nancy’s brother-in-law, who moves in to help raise her children; Doug Wilson, a naïve acquaintance; and Celia Hodes, a narcissistic neighbor who lives with Dean and their daughter Isabelle, as well as Nancy’s wholesaler, Heylia James and Conrad Shepard. As time goes on the Botwin family gets involves in serious illegal activities.

During the fourth and fifth seasons, the Botwin’s live in another fictional San Diego suburb, Ran Mar, which is also located in the San Fernando Valley. Throughout the sixth and seventh seasons, the family relocates to Seattle, Washington, and Dearborn, Michigan. In Season 8, the family lives in Connecticut for most of the season but returns to New York City in Season 9.

The show premiered on the Showtime Cable Network in 2009, and one of the channel’s highest ratings was recorded that year. In 2012, TV Guide Network purchased the airing rights and offered an edited version of the show for free. Weeds 4.20, a follow-up series to the original series announced in November 2019, will feature Mary-Louise Parker and Elizabeth Perkins in their roles ten years after the last episode of the original series.

These dark-comedy drama series have a total of 8 seasons with 102 episodes in total. Each episode of the show is 26 to 31 minutes long. The last episode of the series was premiered on Showtime on September 16, 2012, which concluded the show’s story.

Weeds Season 9 Release Date

Weeds Season 9 Release Date

After having 7 tremendous years of series, Weeds got ended in 2012. Back in 2012 Showtime canceled the series or can say ended the series as they conclude the whole story. But that’s not it, in 2019, it was revealed that the series sequel is under production and this time going to release on Starz. This sequel is titled Weed 4.20. The sequel of this series features the old gold cast of original Weeds including Mary Louise Parker and Elizabeth Perkin. This sequel will be set after 10 years, where the original story got concluded.

According to the reports, the original writer and producer of the series Weeds may get a comeback as a writer and executive producer of the spin-off. However, the original Weeds creator and showrunner Jenji Kohan haven’t confirmed the involvement in the sequel.

According to some recent updates, Netflix has removed all the eight seasons of Weeds and given all of the ownership of streaming to Lionsgate’s owned streaming platform STARZ. We are assuming that it’s because the sequel is going to premiere on STARZ. So, the good news for the fans is that their favorite show Weeds is finally going to make a comeback, not as another season but as a spin-off series. Who would have expected that after almost 10 years they will decide to run the story of Botwin’s family again? It is late but it is well worth the wait.

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Weeds Season 9 Story

Weeds Season 9 Release Date

Nancy Botwin is a single mother living in Agerstic, a fictional Los Angeles Suburb, with her children, 15 years old Silas and Shane who is ten years old. Several months have passed since Nancy’s husband Judah, died of a heart attack while jogging with his younger son. Nancy sells marijuana in order to maintain the upper-middle-class lifestyle. She initially enjoyed thanks to her late husband’s salary. The show’s opening credits are set to Malvina Reynolds’ song, “Little Boxes”, which compares suburbanites from the same living the consumeristic American dream.

Nancy has a desire to maintain her comfortable suburban, city-type lifestyle in the catalyst for her decision to the illegal business of drugs and is an example of extreme consumption in suburban America. Reference to designer labels, luxury homes, SUVs, plastic surgery, and expensive drinks hint at the consumption habits of Agrestic character.

As Nancy gets drawn into the criminal system, develops a clientele, starts a front to hide her selling, creates her own strain of marijuana called MILF, and relocates her family, she faces the possibilities of prison and the loss of her children. Ensemble cast members include narcissistic neighbor Celia Hodes, a narcissistic neighbor named Andy Botwin, a wise-cracking brother-in-law Andy Botwin, and a foolish acquaintance Doug Wilson.

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