Miss In Kiss Season 3 Release Date Revealed? Here Are The Details!

A strange twist of fate brings a customary, delightful teenage girl and her dad to the residence of the school brilliance, on whom she has a major crush. There’s been no official announcement about Miss In Kiss Season 3 release date yet. All the fans are eagerly waiting for Netflix and the creators to announce something about season 3, but they are tight-lipped about season 3.

A strange twist of fate brings a usual, pleasant high school girl and her father to the residence of the school genius, on whom she has a serious crush. Yue-qin musters the courage to admit her thoughts and emotions to her long-term love interest. Ace pupil Zhi-shu, only to be insulted in front of the entire class. Yue-qin and her father are absolutely gutted by a tragic accident at the lab. However, an old family friend soon steps forward with a generous gesture.

There are about 39 episodes including both the seasons, the duration being 27min to 34 minutes. The main cast includes Esther Wu, Shen Chang Hung, and Xi Wei Lun.

Miss In Kiss Season 1 Recap

Miss In Kiss Season 3 Release Date

Zhi-cold shu’s behavior urges Yue-qin to make a shocking official statement at school as she needs to adjust to her uncomfortable new living arrangement. Using the photo as collateral, Yue-qin persuades Zhi-shu to assist her in studying for the test. In the meantime, Ah-jin gets resolved to discover where she is residing. Yue-qin is particularly worried about Zhi-shu after he decides to stay up late tutoring her. The exam grades caused quite a stir at school.

Mrs. Jiang stumbles across the tabloid news page. Ah-jin tries to defend Yue-qin against a scam artist. A family gathering takes an unexpected turn, and Yue-qin and Zhi-shu face a night alone in the residence. As the school break draws to a close, Class F swimming champion Ah-jin selects Yue-qin for a shuttle run. Being completely unaware of the fact that they will be contending against Zhi-shu. With the college entry exam nearing, Ah-jin prepares soups and study meetings for his friends, only to discover that they prefer to be assisted by somebody else. Yue-qin makes Zhi-shu a good-luck enchant for the exam after shocking the Jiangs with New Year’s gifts.


 However, it does not have the desired effect. Yue-qin becomes ill in the early hours of another important college exam, confounding Zhi-plans. shu’s Ah-jin devises an intimate plan for commencement day. She becomes exhausted of Zhi-constant shu’s vulgarities at the graduation party and chooses to play her trump card, with unpredictable outcomes. Yue-qin decides to join the college sports club to keep an eye on Zhi-shu and her new romantic rival, the talented Zi-yu. Moreover, the training clearly shows to be stringent.

 Yue-qin uncovers that her days of living under the same ceiling with Zhi-shu may be indexed just as she commences a class with him. Yue- qin’s abilities are sorely tested when she is dragged into a double tournament with Zhi-shu and designated to cook for the entire team at tennis boot camp.

Miss In Kiss Season 2 Story

Miss In Kiss Season 3 Release Date

As boot camp finally ends, Yue-qin confesses to her team members and finds creative motivation on the court. She and Zhi-shu are amazed when they arrive home. Yue-qin takes Zhi-shu on a romantic excursion, the Jiangs welcome a new member of the family. Ah-jin strategies the campus festival in great detail. Zhi-shu, riddled by doubts about his path in life. Makes a major choice that surprises everyone. Ah-jin is irritated by a picture from the spa.

Yue-qin has an uncomfortable evening with Zhi-shu, Ah-jin braves the storm to fulfill his word, and a real competitor appears on the rumor page. Yue-qin and the Jiangs band together to help Nuo. Zi-sister yu’s hatches a nefarious plot. Yue-qin goes on a date at the imploring of Mrs. Jiang. Yue-qin runs into a familiar figure on the beach after escaping the photo session in a fit of pique. Zhi-shu constructs a pitfall for Zi-stalker. yu’s Zhi-shu reveals a hidden truth to Yue-qin after a heated argument with his parents. Mrs. Jiang realizes Yu-shu is aware of something she is not.

Zhi-shu announces a plan to solve the company’s financial difficulties. Mrs. Jiang, Yue-qin, and Zi-yu band together to derail a conference with the Bais. While Yue-qin considers a proposal from Ah-jin, Mr. Bai puts a lot of pressure on Zhi-shu and Sha-sui. At the Old Lunar Tree, Zhi-shu has a wonderful experience. Zhi-shu interrupts Yue-goodbye qin’s father’s to the Jiangs with a declaration. Everyone is soon whirring with new plans for the future. Until further updates, all the viewers can binge-watch the earlier episodes on Netflix.