Are We Getting Season 2 Release Date For La Revolution?

The big-budget series, la revolution which belongs to the anti-history and horror genre, was a great hit with the first season and has an all-over rating of 6.5 IMDb rating. The series is based on the French revolution which marks one of the bloodiest revolutions in the history of the world. Though there are some twists and turns throughout the plot and the history is completely altered, we have often heard that the rich feed on the poor but it is used as a figure of speech, la revolution creators took the saying quite literally where history marks the spread of a disease called the blue blood which affects the nobles as they keep on killing the poor. quite a new aspect to the history and the audience response is quite an appealing one which depicts their interest in the French era of revolt. Though the question intrigues everyone now whether the series is renewed for a new season or not, the answers are quite disappointing but a ray of hope still shines.

La Revolution Season 2 Release Date

La Revolution Season 2 Release Date

The first season, that came out on 16th October 2020 and was a great hit on the Netflix platform with a total of 8 episodes. Each episode had an approximate runtime of about 35 minutes to 45 minutes. Though the makers had got a great response from the audience, the show didn’t receive any confirmation about its renewal for the second season. In one of the interviews with Damien couvreur it was mentioned that though the series was a great hit among the fans and it depicted their interest in the history of the world, the show will not be renewed for a second season. Yes, that may break our hearts a bit but we should always remember that the show was a great success and the hearts of the makers often change with series like this. We always have a chance of traveling to eighteenth-century France setting again with its fictionalized plot.

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La Revolution Season 1 Recap

The first episode starts with the setting of the revolution, the story starts with a girl named Rebecca, whose death has set out the rumors for a cannibal wandering around. With all this going on we see the entrance to two leads of the series, Elise, and joseph. Joseph is the doctor who is treating a man named oak who is suspected of Rebecca’s murder but is sure that he is innocent and Elise is a noble but knows the upcoming troubles towards the society and tries to warn everyone.

As joseph tries to go on against the law and tries to find out the truth about the death of Rebecca, he gets to know more and more about the secret organization of which Rebecca was a part of and he sniffs the origin of the blue blood disease. With all this going on we also see how joseph has helped oak to get out of prison and escape his death. By the middle of the season, blue blood disease has been properly known by everyone and Elsie ends up allying the nobles and the poor to stop the spread of the disease.

By the ending of the season, we see how madeleine and one of the blue blood nobles play a hide and seek game, and Ophelie arrives in time and cuts the noble’s head off. Soon madeleine shows off her powers by the ending of the series which is quite abnormal to the context along with Elise getting killed and the season-ending with a cliffhanger in hand.

La Revolution Season 2 Story

La Revolution Season 2 Release Date

Although we haven’t received any update on the renewal of the series for the second season, we may expect season 2 to solve the mystery of Madeleine’s unexplained powers. We also need to know about what happened to Elise and whether she is dead or now. We may expect to see more on the revolution pacing its way through history and the cure of the blue blood disease may also be found. Joseph will also play an important part in the series.

La Revolution Season 2 Trailer

As we haven’t heard anything from the makers of the series for the renewal of the series, we haven’t received a trailer yet for season 2. Till then if you still haven’t watched season 1, go and check out the episodes available on Netflix or check out the trailer available on YouTube.

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