Love Never Lies Season 2 Release Date To Show Up Before The Fans!

Singer Mónica Naranjo has gained immense popularity in the last few years. Her recent outings have been positively received by the audiences. So when there is an announcement from the singer, excitement was inevitable.

Love Never Lies Season 2 Release Date

Love Never Lies Season 2 Release Date

Love Never Lies. The reality TV show was presented by Mónica Naranjo. The first season of the show is streaming on Netflix. It was released on 11 November 2021.

After the first season of the show received positive feedback from audiences. Rumors say that the makers are all set for the second season. There has been no official announcement regarding the renewal of the season, yet. Fans are staying hopeful as Netflix has often gone on to release sequels of shows that work.

If a season 2 is indeed on cards, it is expected to release sometime around mid-2022. This is because the shooting has not yet begun and for the pre-production works to complete, this much will surely be needed.

Love Never Lies is a show full of drama and gossip. As former boyfriends and girlfriends meet up again amidst a revelation of secrets and lies. The tension is high amongst the couples as they unravel the truth about their perfect relationships.

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Love Never Lies Story

The premise revolves around six couples who sit through a lie detector test. What’s at stake is their money. The show is neither a game show nor a dating show. In that sense, the format of the show is unique. 6 couples enter the show in season 1. All twelve participants participated in the lie detector test. The lie detector machine scans the eyes of the individual sitting in front of it and declares the result.

Each couple is expected to stick to the vows. The vow is that must be honest with each other. If a couple lies, they’ll have to pay back in money. Lies however may protect their relationships. The show makes for an interesting watch as participants grapple with choosing relationships over money or money over relationships.

All the participants start the show after depositing a sum of 40,000 euros. After which the test round starts. The lie detector test is said to be 90 percent accurate and thus, will be the only factor in deciding the outcome. It will be fun to watch as couples chose between love and money. The format of the show brings lies and truth at the focus instead of money. S participants might take I to their ego and choose to be brutally honest with their partners.

Love Never Lies Cast

Love Never Lies Season 2 Release Date

The show will be presented by popular singer Mónica Naranjo. Naranjo has gained a lot of fans in the past some time. Thanks to her flourishing career as a singer. It did come as a surprise when the makers initially announced that the singer will be donning the hat of a presenter for the show. Mónica is known for her Spanish songs including Hot Line, Desatame, If You Leave Me Now, Make You Rock and I Ain’t Gonna Cry.

Since November 2021, many couples have now separated. The couples that still together include Cristina and Carles. The couple has been together for 4 years before the show. They have survived major trust issues amongst other challenges during this time. Them being together despite it all shows the unbreakable bond that the two have.
Mar and Aleix are one of those few couples who manage to stay strong despite infidelity. The couple has seen the evil side and yet chosen to be with the other because of their undying love.

Adrian and Laura share a similar story. The couple has never shared the most stable relationship but their friendship has always been tight. Perhaps this is why they are still together because more than anything else they enjoy each other’s company.

Jose and Fran, the couple that has been in love since their eyes first met each other is still together and seems to be going stronger than ever. Paula and Daniel were going through a tough time in their relationship before they entered the show. The mutual respect that the couple has for each other has proved to be a blessing as they are stronger and happier than ever.

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