Single’s Inferno Season 2 Release Date: Dating Show Returning?

It’s New Year’s time and what’s better than comfortably sitting rolled up in your blankets while watching the latest show on Netflix. To sort your new year vibes is releasing the new season of Single’s Inferno. The Korean reality TV show drops its participants on an island named Inferno where they are isolated for 8 … Read more

When Will Season 2 Of Johnny Hallyday: Beyond Rock Be Released?

Celebrities have always had a sense of mystery around them. People are interested in their lives and want to know what’s happening. Singers like Michael Jackson and royals like Princess Diana have always been surrounded by various conjectures and speculations. Fans often put celebrities on a pedestal which makes them even more inquisitive and voyeuristic … Read more

When Will The Chelsea Detective Season 2 Release?

The most strange stories are set in the seemingly most beautiful places. They make for a surreal experience because you don’t expect them to be there. Life feels normal for the initial moments only to take twists and turns that change lives. Chelsea is a place in London that fits the bill, perfectly. We are … Read more

When Will Season 3 Of Name That Tune Release?

Music has a fandom of its own. The way music can weave and narrate beautiful stories is unparalleled. Now imagine if top-notch music joins hands with a fire game. Antakshri has been always been a super popular game amongst audiences of all ages. The game involves singing songs in a competitive manner. So it should … Read more

When Will The Last Bus Season 2 Release?

Adventure comedies are a genre that has a universal appeal to them. They are the best options for those who are looking for some light-hearted entertainment to enjoy their weekends and rest while chilling. These shows give you the necessary laugh you need and provide pleasure. Perhaps this is why movies like Go Goa Gone … Read more

Is Trying Season 3 Release Date Coming Up Soon?

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Is Pandora Season 3 Coming Any Time Soon? Here Are The Details!

Science fiction. A genre largely untouched by Indian filmmakers. There are only few people in the business of movie making who try to put in the money and technology that goes into making humongous movies. The likes of Marvel and DC got their base from comics. Yet a comic adaptation doesn’t ensure successes. The singular … Read more

When Will Bridgerton Season 4 Release Date Out?

Bridgerton Season 4 Release Date

Bridgerton is a 2020 American period drama series created by Chris Van Dusen. Shonda Rhimes has produced the streaming show. Author Julia Quinn had written a series of novels that were set in the background of the Regency era, London’s competitive world. The story of Bridgerton is based on a Quinn novel. Rhimes has till … Read more

Will Pedal To Metal Season 2 Release Soon?

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When Will Breeders Season 3 Release Date Arrive?

Dark comedies are a genre greatly loved in our times. Generation Z loves laughing through the pain and so it becomes fun to watch comedies that use serious topics to create humor. Breeders is a parental dark comedy. The British TV series is a creation of Martin Freeman, Chris Addison, and Simon Blackwell. The show … Read more

12 Best Korean Shows On MX Player!

K Dramas are love. Audiences love watching these and they are getting immensely popular these days. The plot twists, the aesthetics, the talented actors, and the narrative are some of the reasons that add to the beauty of K Dramas. Many of these dramas are available for streaming on different streaming platforms. They are watched … Read more

The Kashmir Files 2 Release Date, Cast, And Spoilers!

Kashmir is a very sensitive topic. It has always been a part of intense political debates. The films and shows on the topic have been a hot topic of discussion. The Kashmir Files is another film on the same topic. The film has been made by the makers of The Tashkent Files. The Zee Studios … Read more