When Is Drug Squad Season 2 Release Date Arriving Before The Fans!

After creating shows like Narcos, Ozarks, etc. Netflix is now streaming shows originally created in the Spanish Language, not as feature language.

Brigada Costa Del Sol or Drug Squad is Spanish television series created by Pablo Barrera, Juanjo Gracia, and Fernando Bassi. This show is produced by production houses like Mediaset Espana and Warner Bros. International Television Production Espana. The show got its first appearance to media on 3rd April 2019, and got premiered on Spanish network Telecinco and Cuatro on May 6, 2019, and ended the first season on July 22, 2019. Later on, Netflix in 2020.

As of now, this show has only one season with 13 episodes in it. On May 28, 2018, Mindset and Netflix confirms the news that they have reached a decision they had decided to make a serial drama under the production of Warner Bros and ITVP Spain as co-producer. Soon they confirm the cast which includes Hugo Silva, Jesus Castro, Miki Esparbe, Alvaro Cervantes.

Then on June 7, they started recording in Malaga Province and ended that in February 2019. This series ‘Brigada Costa del Sol’ was the only series of Spain to get selected for MIPDrama MIPTV 2019 event.

Then Netflix streams the first season on October 25th, 2019 for a worldwide audience. This series is written by Pablo Barrera, Chus Vallejo and Alberto Macias and directed by the team of directors which includes Norberto Lopez Amado, Miguel Alcantud, Alberto Ruiz Rojo and Inaki Penafiel.

Drug Squad Season 2 Release Date

Drug Squad Season 2 Release Date

When this series was planned, they hoped for a better future of this series. Netflix had bigger plans but it didn’t always go your way. Critically the first season was not a big hit, there were plot holes, unnecessarily making the episodes long, I mean 1 hour for an episode was way too much. The audience on the other hand likes some of it, like the dialogues, and acting by casts.

After having an average first season Netflix has decided to stop the show. The producers’ Warner Bros. Pictures have agreed that this show is not a big profit. While making the show, everyone expected that it could give excitement and money as the show Narcos have done with an almost similar theme but Narcos was way better, the plot of Narcos was well written.

So, the conclusion is that the show’s creators have decided not to continue the show, hence the show is canceled.

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Drug Squad Season 2 Story

One group of police detectives from Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol formed a special drug-fighting brigade in 1977, with limited resources but a lot of ingenuity and courage. One of Spain’s first anti-drug squads, the Grupo Especial de Estupefacientes Costa del Sol is the basis for the series.

Bruno Lopez, a detective with the national police, contemplates how things have changed in Spain since Franco’s time, and then collapses after being shot in the gut. He thinks that how this drug squad didn’t even exist six months ago, as he lies there losing consciousness.

It’s June 1977; Bruno and his partner Terron have arrived in Torremolinos to track a car thief named Dandy, who makes a stop at a local disco. As they’re doing so, they receive the information that two men have committed an armed robbery in a casino. Eventually, the chase takes place between the suave Leo Villa, who interrupted his sex to answer the phone, and the cerebral Martin Pulido, whom Bruno calls “The Hippie”. Two of the suspects destroy a makeshift stage for a political event after evading Bruno, who’s standing in the middle of the street.

Meanwhile, Yolanda helps her father remove contraband cigarettes from his rowboat. Little does she knows, under the Winston cartons, there are bricks of hash. Yes, the drug trade has come to the Costa del Sol, and the disco’s owner and Yolanda’s dad’s close friend – Uncle Reyes is also involved. But before Reyes’s connection gets to the shipment, Yolanda’s dad already got robbed. Reyes’ guys got pissed and they stab Yolanda’s Uncle to death.

Drug Squad Season 2 Cast

Drug Squad Season 2 Release Date

Hugo Silva as Bruno Lopez, Alvaro Cervantes as Leo Villa, Miki Esparbe as Martin Pulido, Jesus Castro as Terron, Sara Salamo as Yolanda Owlet, Jorge Uson as Reyes, Cayetana Cabezas as Marielena, Olivia Delcan as Vicky Lopez and Jorge Suquet as Cristobal Pena.

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