I’m Standing On Million Lives Season 3 Release Date Updates!

This Anime is based upon a manga series with the same name “I’m Standing on Million Lives”. It’s a Japanese manga series which was written by Naoki Yamakawa and Illustrated by Akinari Nao. This series of manga is serialized in Kodansha’s Shonen manga magazine Bessatsu Shonen Magazine since 16th June 2016 and has gained over 12 Tankobon volumes. This manga got its license from Kodansha USA in North America.

The Anime Tv adaptation series was produced by Maho Films and aired in 2020 from October to December. The series got its renewal for the second season in 2021 and aired on Tokyo MX, BS11, MBS, AT-X, Wowow from July to September 2021.

The Anime television series is directed by Kumiko Habara and written for television by Takao Yoshioka. As of now, these Anime series have a total of 2 seasons with a total of 24 episodes.

The Producers of the series are Akio Matsuda, Terushige Yoshie, Tomoyuki Oowada, Hiroyuki Aoi, Keisuke Satou, Akira Yonezawa, Harumi Satou, Takahiro only for the first season and Sumire only for the second season.

There is also another adaptation of this manga and this time it’s a novel. This Novel adaptation is written by Sawako Kobayashi and illustrated by Nao. This Novel was published by Kodansha on July 9, 2021.

I’m Standing on Million Lives Season 3 Release Date

I’m Standing on Million Lives Season 3 Release Date

This series’ season one was a huge success, not by critics though, but by the audience. The critics didn’t give this show a higher rating but the audience just loved it. After the first season, the manga got 11 times an increase in its sale in 2020. But the second season didn’t give that much fun to us. After the second season, that increase in sales just drops down to loss.

So, what about season 3? Well, as of now there hasn’t been any confirmation related to the renewal of the series. After the huge backdrop after season 2, we didn’t think they’ll continue this journey. But all we can do is to hope for the best. Maho Films maybe wanted to continue the show to revive the fun and that huge loss. So, anything can still happen, if we get any updates on renewal we will update the page, so make sure to check regularly.

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I’m Standing On Million Lives Season 2 Story

Kusue Hakozaki, Lu Shindo, and Yuusuke Yotsuya were transported by a half-faced creature to play his game. The half-faced creature assigned their quests to complete the game within the time limit. If one is the lives out of the time limit, they are almost immortal, regenerated after death.

Three people were also present, Yuka Yukiate, Keita Toril, and Glenda Carter. They were doing a mission and after passing them, they returned to real life. However, after the next quest appeared, they returned to the real world.

Upon completing every quest, the mysterious creature answered all their questions and revealed they were playing in countless alternate realities and alternate sequences.

I’m Standing on Million Lives Season 1 Recap

I’m Standing on Million Lives Season 3 Release Date

The one moment that Yotsuya Yuusuke thinks Shindou Yuu and Hakozaki Kusue together is strange, and the next he finds himself in another world. The pair of Hakozaki and Yotsuya, both of whom are armed with only hoes and sickles, have zero combat experience and are responsible for defeating a powerful troll.

Having been eaten by a troll, Shindou and Hakozaki cannot revive. As Yotsuya struggles alone to raise his level, he is upgraded to a new job class: Chef. He is able to save the two girls and defeat the troll. The reward is a glimpse of what the world will look like once they have completed all ten quests.

Yotsuya sneaks into the girls’ bathroom of an unfamiliar high school after being told by the game master to hit on a girl and saves Tokitate Yuke from being bullied by her classmates. Rododorbo is the next stop on the quest, a village far to the west.

With Khavel’s assistance, Yotsuya has saved the other party members. Khavel agrees to accompany them to Rododorbo in exchange for training them in swordsmanship since players cannot die. Hakozaki, who only slowed everyone down in battle since she was weak and resigned, finally finds her courage and slays a goblin on her own.

People got saved by Yotsuya’s party who were under attack by Kobolds. They learn the group is escorting heretics to Radodorbo to be executed by soldiers in the dictatorial Kingdom of Deok

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