Life Lessons With Uramichi Oniisan Season 2 Release Date Updates!

Life Lesson with Uramichi Oniisan is a dark comedy-drama anime of Japan. This Anime is based on a manga series with the same name written and illustrated by Gaku Kuze. This Manga has been serialized by Ichijisha’s Comic POOL digital manga magazine for online reading since May 2017. The Manga chapters have been collected in six tankobon volumes. This series of Manga Comics has been licensed by Kodansha USA in North America.

In 2021 an anime adaptation was aired by Studio Blanc from July to September 2021 for television.

The Manga was published on May 12, 2017, with a total of 6 Volumes by Ichijinsha. The Anima television series was released on July 6th, 2021, and ended the first season on September 28, 2021. This Anime was released with a total of 13 episodes in its first season. The Anime’s director is Nobuyoshi Nagayama, and the writer of the anime is Touko Machida.

A licensed by Funimation, Life Lesson with Uramichi Oniisan, television anime series aired on TV Tokyo, BS11, Wowow for Japan, and the United States this Anime was aired on HTB and Animax, later on, Netflix for a bigger audience to watch the show.

Life Lessons With Uramichi Oniisan Season 2 Release Date

Life Lessons With Uramichi Oniisan Season 2 Release Date

After having a successful season 1, fans are anxiously awaiting for Uramichi and his friends to return for another season. After ending season one on September 28, 2021, the production studio didn’t have many plans for season 2, but after watching the season 1 reactions and positive reviews from the audience, they have decided to make the journey a bit longer. As you know, ‘Life Lesson with Uramichi Oniisan’ is an adaptation of the Manga series, which has a total of 6 volumes and more to come. For season one writer Touko Machida already used 3 volumes, but they still have left a lot of stories to make.

After raising demands for season 2, the production house ‘Studio Blanc’ has confirmed that they are ready to make season 2, and as of now, it’s already have gone under production. The studio has big plans for the show, said the producer, Studio Blanc. As the show is just under production, it’ll take a little more time to release, as we estimate that the show should drop on Netflix by early 2023.

So, It’s a piece of good news that, Studio is decided and confirmed the renewal and we can get to see, funny, yet out-of-the-box thinking of Uramichi Oniisan once again very soon.

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Life Lessons With Uramichi Oniisan Season 1 Recap

As a group of miserable adults prepares their facades of amicable smiles and cheerful exteriors to educate a bunch of innocent pre-schoolers, as they appear on the morning children’s show “Together with Mama.

Uramichi Omota, an ex-gymnast, tries to bring the children down to earth by revealing them the harsh reality and depressing truths of adulthood, even in the presence of cameras.

As the show’s rabbit and bear mascots and singers, two bothersome juniors interrupt Uramichi’s much-desired peace: Utano Tadano, a woman who only wants a husband, and Iketeru Daga, a handsome man with a crass sense of humor. It always seems like everyone’s big brother Uramichi has a moral side to his life lessons, from smoking and exercising to nihilistic outbursts. He struggles to maintain an upbeat attitude on the show despite being a jaded, worn-out, and jaded personality.

Life Lessons With Uramichi Oniisan Season 2 Characters

Life Lessons With Uramichi Oniisan Season 2 Release Date

Uramichi Omota: Uramichi, the gymnast oniisan from children’s show together with mama, is a 31, year-old former gymnast with a happy smile and a good well-built body, but he is mentally unstable. He tried so much to keep a happy and upbeat personality on the show, but still can’t help himself to reveal his Jaded, wore-out personality.

Tobikichi Usahara: Tomikichi is a 28-year-old man who plays the mascot rabbit “Usao” in a children’s show Together with mama. He attends the same university as Uramichi.

Mitsuo Kumatani: Along with Tobikichi, Matsuo is Uramichi’s junior during college, and he works as a bear named “Kumao” in Together with Mama.

Iketeru Daga: In addition to being vocal, Iketeru is also an actor who has appeared in a number of musical productions. Despite being good-looking, he is not able to read analog watches and loves dirty jokes.

Utano Tadano: Together with Mama’s “singing Onee-san” is a 32-year-old music school graduate who keeps switching jobs from idol to enka singer to jazz singer due to bad luck and timing.

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