Is 355 Based On A True Story? Know Here!

Is 355 based on a true story? Yes, it indeed is inspired by a true story of a female spy. The name of the film 355 is deduced from the folklore of an enigmatic female agent during the American Revolution. Here’s how the story integrates her legacy. The 355 is based on the true story of Agent 355, a renowned female spy from the American Revolution. How does her story correspond to the film? The 355 is a movie directed by X-Simon Men’s Kinberg that accompanies the quest of American CIA officer Mace Brown.

 Her purpose is to locate a computer chip proficient in militarising any sort of technology, from military installations to cell phones. With the processor on the underground market and purchasers keen to get their hands on it. It’s a sprint against time to recuperate it from erstwhile Colombian DNI agent Luis Rojas played by Édgar Ramirez.

Even after not being a chronological historical drama. The 355’s theme has its origins in the United States Colonial Era. Although the film is not an adaptation in the conventional sense. It does have a psychic relationship to its progenitor due to the spy operations of its strong female characters. Below is a quick overview of who Agent 355 was and how she impacted The 355.

Is 355 Based On A True Story?

Agent 355  was the secret code name of a female spy in the Culper Ring during the American Revolution. Agent 355 was among the first spy agents for the US, but her real identity remained unclear. The amount 355 could be decoded from the Culper Ring’s system to actually imply “female.” Despite its title, The 355 does not dive deep into the historical past of Agent 355.

The movie’s allusion to Agent 355 is Mace embracing the 355 nom de plume while its team of five female secret agents undertakes major procedures in a contemporary setting. Agent 355 is also noted in the closing episode when Chastain’s played by Molly’s Game vengeful spy Mace and her affiliates restore the chip from Nick Fowler. As Nick acknowledges he’s been infested, Mace refers to the epic of Agent 355. Implying that she relates the mission she and her allied forces have initiated to that of Agent 355.


On the whole, The 355 isn’t large on integrating the background of the Agent 355 myth into the storyline. Even so, it appears that Kinberg and Teresa Rebeck’s screenplay creates a thematic connection between both the film’s five heroines and the Agent 355 legend. Agent 355 was also a participant in the Culper Ring spy ring.

The 355’s cast of spy protagonists serves as a rough comparison to an equivalent intelligence agency. During most of the American Revolution, this institution proved to be a valuable attribute to the colonial revolutionaries. It was involved in multiple well-known intelligence activities. One in specific engaged the man whose name has emerged to be synonymous with the phrase “treason.”

Hypotheses Regarding Agent 355’s Authentic Self

Is 355 Based On A True Story

One potential contender for Agent 355’s identity is Anna Strong, who is recognized for notifying the Culper Ring on the whereabouts of one of their secret agents, Caleb Brewster. Other hopefuls for Agent 355’s authenticity also include above- mentioned Sarah Townsend and Elizabeth Burgin. Robert Townsend’s own wife has also been suggested as a prospect, as has another proposition.

One theory holds that there was never an Agent 355 in the first place. Rather, an unnamed woman may have merely presented intellect to the Culper Ring while not being an associate. The 355 number, as per this theory, was not a 007-style operative code name of any one member of the Culper Ring.

Because of the thinly disguised essence of Agent 355’s individuality, well almost every hypothesis regarding who she was, or the prospect that she was merely an unassociated woman who supplied intelligence information, is perfectly probable.

With generations of hypotheses and numerous possibilities, society will almost undoubtedly never learn the actual authenticity of Agent 355. At the very same time, Agent 355’s uniqueness is part of what has made her tale so fascinating. The 355 adjusts Agent 355’s narrative for the twenty-first century. Telling a tale of spies trying to save the world from the darkness. The film connects them via their common spy skills and experience of safeguarding their countries and the world.