Temple Season 2 Release Date: Arrived! Know Here

Temple is a British crime drama television series which is created by Mark O’Rowe. Temple is based on the Norwegian show called Valkyrien which is created by Erik Richter Strand. The show currently has 1 season that contains 8 episodes with an average runtime of 60 minutes per episode. Temple has an average rating of 75 % on rotten Tomatoes with critics and audience calling it between good and average show as compared to its source.

The show focuses on the secret life of a doctor who runs a clinic in an abandoned subway station, where he treats people who he never thought would treat, because he is in need he has to do this job. Temple was included in one of the best TV shows of 2020 list by the New York Times.

Temple Season 2 Release Date

Temple Season 2

After the Norwegian show, Valkyrien received excellent reviews and made its mark on the top lists of television shows of the year 2017, there were reports regarding a British remake of the show. The first episode of Temple was released on 13th September 2019 and the last episode of the season premiered on 1st November 2019. On 13th February 2020 show was picked to stream in the United States under the spectrum originals banner of Charter communications and in Canada, it was picked by Showcase media.

On 1st November 2019 Sky network announced that they have renewed the show for a second season but due to the pandemic and lockdowns the production phase of the show remains halted which started again and the final date has come as 28 October 2021.

Temple Season 2 Story

In the complex chains of service tunnels under the now-abandoned Temple subway station, there is a secret clinic which is run by Daniel Milton, a highly respected surgeon. In his clinic, he treats criminals and other desperate patients who cannot or are not willing to get treated in regular clinics. Daniel sets up this clinic to find a cure for his wife who is suffering from a terminal illness.

He is helped by Lee, a Temple station staff manager, and Anna, who is a medical researcher. The show follows how Daniel secretly runs his clinic and how he has an issue of trust with the patients he is treating, also he is in need of money to fund his research.

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Temple Season 1 Recap

Temple Season 2

The show starts with Jamie, a robber who is fatally shot by a police gun after a robbery job, Jamie calls his friend Lee who further contacts Daniel, who is attending a service for his wife Beth, who died from suicide after a long illness. At the clinic which is an old rusty chamber with no windows, Daniel operates Jamie to remove the bullet.

In the flashback we see that Daniel’s wife Beth was a medical researcher who was finding a cure for her illness, meanwhile Jamie in panic wakes up and tries to run but slips on the floor because of blood and falls unconscious, now Daniel had to operate him again but requires more blood that’s when he calls research assistant Anna, as she has O negative blood group, but Anna is unwilling to become a live donor so Daniel makes her unconscious with the help of chloroform and her blood is taken to save Jamie’s life.

Now Daniel goes to sit near the bed of another patient who is on a ventilator which is revealed to be Beth. Anna tries to escape the clinic while Daniel chases her, in fear that she would reveal the location of the clinic to the public. In the flashback we see Daniel encouraging Beth to pursue the research. After knowing the truth Anna agrees to help Daniel while Lee brings a sociopath to the clinic which endangers everyone’s life. Meanwhile, Beth’s condition starts to deteriorate and Daniel takes the help of illegal organ harvesters to help him save his wife’s life. Over the next episodes, many secrets are revealed and Daniel had to take tough decisions for his wife and his clinic.

Temple Season 2 Cast

Mark strong plays Daniel Milton, a talented surgeon who gives illegal medical care for criminals because he wants to fund research to cure his wife’s terminal illness. Daniel Mays plays Lee Simmons who helps Daniel set up his illegal medical clinic. Caprice Van Houten plays Anna Willems a medical researcher and friend of Beth who currently helps Daniel to run his clinic. Catherine McCormack plays Beth Milton, wife of Daniel and a medical researcher who is suffering from a terminal illness.

Temple Season 2 Trailer

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