I Know What You Did Last Summer Episode 5 Release Date And More!

This is an American teenage drama series of 2021. the story of the show is based on a novel of 1973 written by Lois Duncan. The story was selected for amazon prime, and the show was created with the help and association of Original Film, Mandalay Television, and Atomic Monster Productions. The series was announced by Amazon in 2019. while the shooting began in January 2021. The series is completely shooter in Ohau, one of the famous Hawaiian beaches. Back in the 19s few movie sequels were also made on the basis of the same novel.

This series is a good mixture of horror, thrill, mystery, and coming of age. It has Sara Goodman as executive producer and Sheila Phillips as producer. Along with this, the series is also produced by Amazon Studios along with Sony Pictures Television Studios. The show is about a group of teens who met in a car accident on the day of their graduation. while they hid a secret, later after a year, they are been stalked by a brutal killer, who claims that he knew what they did last summer!. The show has a total rating of 5.1. This is not that good but the show is good for binge-watch.

I Know What You Did Last Summer Episode 5 Story

I Know What You Did Last Summer Episode 5 Release Date

The show revolves around a group of teenagers on a ride in their car, after a blast at their graduation party. They all were drunk and enjoying themselves. Just when the car crashed, they realized that they hit someone. Unfortunately, it was a person, that got hit. After checking on it they found out they killed him and all of them got very scared. They somehow dealt with the dead body and hid the crime of murder they committed. All of them were equally involved in this and we’re very scared. The time passed by, it was almost 1 year and no one could find out anything.

Just when suddenly an unknown person began terrorizing the same group of teens. The unknown person used to threaten them by saying He knew what they did last summer. Later on, it was found that the unknown en person was a brutal killer and punished everyone who committed sin. While the group of teens is on the journey to find out about the man, they encounter many dirty secrets related to the town and its people. Hence the whole story revolves around the same plot. The series shows the thrilling and horror mystery behind the unknown man and how the teens try to protect and fight themselves. The show also involves a love tangle and many internal disputes among the group members.

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I Know What You Did Last Summer Episode 5 Release Date

I Know What You Did Last Summer Episode 5 Release Date

Episode 5 for the following season is all set to release on 22 October 2021. Yes, you heard it right, the wait is finally over. Even though the series didn’t make it to the top chart or wasn’t that popular, still the demand for episode 5 was quite high. This is because those viewers who did watch the complete series, whether they like it or not are demanding for the fifth episode to drop soon. Because no one likes to stay in suspense for too long. Hence the showmakers informed their viewers about the 5th episode dropping this month. The story will continue from where it was left in episode 4.

The fans will be able to stream episode 5 on the evening of 21 in the UK, which means midnight in the US and around 4 AM in India. The upcoming episode is named “MUKBANG” and it would roughly of 40 to 45 minutes.

I Know What You Did Last Summer Episode 5 Story

I Know What You Did Last Summer Episode 5 Release Date

The show consists of a wide range of casting including many famous and talented actors on OTT platforms including Madison Iseman as Allison, She is the twin sister of Lennon. Allison is a quiet, nerd, and good girl. She was also part of the incident. Again Madison Iseman as Lennon, a popular, sexual, and partying girl.

Twin sister of Allison and has a rivalry with her. Bill Heck is Bruce, father of the twin sisters, he hides a big ark secret from his kids. He knows about the car incident. Brianne Tju is Margot, best friend of john and Lenno, she is a millionaire. Also, she is attracted to Lennon. Ezekiel Goodman is Dylan, Riley’sbest friend and also Allison’s crush.

Also, a part of Ashley Moore as Riley, Dylans best friend, and Lennon’s friend too, was also a part of what happened last summer. Sebastian Amoruso is Johnny, a very close and special gay friend of allison, also the part of incident happened last summer. Fiona Rene as Lyla, the Police officer appointed to investigate the murder mystery, is also somehow related to Bruce. Cassie Beck is Courtney, a rough woman, who fights everyone. She is Dylan’s unusual mother!

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