Death By Magic Season 2 Release Date And What To Expect?

Magic has always stunned us if it’s happening on our screens or we are watching it live the amount of the entertainment and curiosity is the same so one of this show which we saw was Death by Magic created and acted by British magician Drummond Money-Coutts.

The show was based on the magic tricks performed by magicians in which they lost their lives, he recreated it in the type of reality show which he performed in different parts of the world. People had a great time watching season 1 so they want to know what it is all about season 2. Let’s see what developments we have till now.

Death By Magic Season 2 Release Date

The Netflix original series first streamed Netflix on November 30, 2018, consisting of 8 episodes, each filmed in different parts of the world and different fatal stunts are performed which are unexpected by the audience every single time.

About the release date for season 2 no one neither Netflix nor Drummond has commented about it, it has been almost 3 years since the release of the first season we are not sure if season 2 may come or not but it’s sure it has not been canceled yet and hope so we will see some more life-threatening performances by Drummond in different exotic locations of the world soon.

Death By Magic Season 2 Cast

Death By Magic Season 2

Drummond William Thomas Money- Coutts is the main person in the show, the one performing all the different stunts and this show is his creation only, Drummond also known as DMC has been in the business since 2000 is also a card specialist, an heir apparent of the Latymer Barony.

He has also done a DVD documentary for which he traveled to Kenya with Tom Lyon named Kenyan Conjuration: the School Built By Magic which was released in early 2008. DMC has also done some mainstream television on NGC which are Card Shark stories of Three Cars Monte in which he traveled and meet with different card masters in some parts of the world. Another show was Beyond Magic in which he performed illusions on different streets in the world including London, Barcelona, Mexico City, and Singapore.

Apart from DMC, some other people who appeared on the show were Troy Dillinger, L.A. James, Ebonie Markie, Roger Julian Cross, and Chris Ortiz.

Talking about season 2 we will see DMC but if this happened we would like to see some more characters making the show more interesting and intriguing.

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Death By Magic Season 2 Story

Death By Magic Season 2

Talking about the plot of the show every episode had its adventure and the subtle way of saying will be a new way of dying because it was based on the students performed by the magicians from which they weren’t able to make it out alive. DMC had gone through them thoroughly and learned about the details as to what mistakes were made so that they can recreate them.

The first episode was of The Great Escape in Cape Town, he attempts to recreate the stunt performed by Karr the Mysterious, escaping a straitjacket and a moving vehicle under 60 seconds. The second episode showed the Head Under Water in Miami stunt performed by a magician known as Gibert Genesta in 1930 in which he tries to overcome his childhood fear of underwater escape. In the third episode, DMC paid tribute to Harry Houdini’s popular stunt in which he tries Death by Audience in Detroit in which the power of life and death is in the audience’s hands.

In episode 4 he performs Buried Alive in London which was performed by Joe Burrus in 1990. Coming to episode 5 he performs Against the Odds in Las Vegas, the most dangerous trick in the magic history to honor Doc Conrad. In episode 6 he comes to India to perform The Rope Trick which is base on a myth. In episode 7 he goes to Edinburgh to perform Trial by Fire, which caused the death of magician Sigmund Neuberger. At last in episode 8 he recreates Daredevil in Los Angles which was performed by Karel Soucek.

If season 2 happens we are sure to see quite unique and fatal stunts that’s all can we take from season 1.

Death By Magic Season 2 Trailer

Till knowing the answer to the season 2 question lets us enjoy again by rewatching DMC’s almost dying magic journey, so here is the season 1 trailer for all of you.

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