When to Expect Reflection of You Season 2 Release Date?

For some people, Korean dramas have become their primary source of entertainment now. Korean dramatizations are in reality different from some other shows! They have a one-of-a-kind story that covers a literally wide range of themes and not only regards to love and comical. They hold the interests of the crowds till the end which makes the Korean shows fascinating and not so menial.

They don’t have the same or repeating ideas or rationales. Even in the same genre, every drama is dissimilar from one another in some or another way. This article is all about one very recent and fresh South Korean television series entitled “Reflection of You” which is based on a novel of the same name by writer Jung So-hyeon. The writer of the drama Yoo Bo-ra has adjusted the account of the novel to give it an alternate point of view. The core fans were craved for another season of their favorite k-drama and that’s why we are here to discuss the possibility of Reflection of You season 2 and when to expect its release date. So, read over to find out.

Reflection of You Season 2 Release Date

Reflection of You is delivered on October 13, 2021, and the time slot is Wednesday and Thursday at new fall timings of 22:30 KST on original network JTBC consisting of 16 episodes like any other k-dramas. The series is likewise accessible worldwide for streaming on Netflix.

Generally, Korean dramas last only one season, and that’s one of the reasons why most people rapidly turning into k-drama fans as the makers or writers don’t like to stretch the storyline unnecessarily. In the case of Reflection of You, it’s most likely that it will too last for one season only. Additionally, since the drama premiered not too long ago so it’s way too early to expect anything from the drama. Rather than roughly predicting any expected release date, it’s safe to wait a bit for some official announcements.

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Reflection of You Season 2 Cast

Directed by Lim Hyeon-wook, for the main characters, the series stars Go Hyun-jung as Jeong Hee-joo who is a successful painter and exposition author, daughter-in-law of the Taelim Hospital/School Corporation family. Go Hyun-jung is appearing in this drama following a hiatus of 2 years. Then there is also Shin Hyun-been as Goo Hae-won who is a part-time art educator at Taerim Girls’ Middle School, Kim Jae-youthful as Seo Woo-jae who is a Haewon’s senior in art, sculptor. Then comes Choi Won-young as Ahn Hyeon-seong who is Jeong Hee-joo’s husband and leader of the emergency clinic and CEO of Taelim Academy.

Apart from these main casts, there is also quite a long list of supporting and other cast members which includes Kim Bo-yeon as Park Young-sun, Shin Dong-wook as Jung Seon-woo, Jang Hye-jin as Ahn Min-seo, Lee Ho-Jae as Koo Kwang-mo, Seo Jeong-yeon as Goo Jeong-yeon, Kim Ho-jung as Lee Jung-eun, Kim Su-an as Ahn Ri-sa, and many more.

If we have to speculate the cast members for the second season of Reflection of You which we don’t have any single clue as to whether it will happen or not, then its most probably that main cast members will reappear in the next season with their respective roles including some of the same or new faces from the supporting and other casts of the series.

Reflection of You Season 2 Plot

Reflection of You Season 2 Release Date

The series is about a woman who lives the unconditioned lifestyle of wife and mother for a concise period and becomes dedicated to her desires, and another woman who interacts with her in that limited capacity to focus loses the best part of her.

Jeong Hee-joo (Go Hyun-jung) made some extreme memories in her initial and childhood days. She grows up into a successful painter and writer. Ahn Hyeon-seong (Choi Won-youthful), her significant other is a rich and amazing person. With their two children, they appear to partake in an ideal everyday life. Unsatisfied Hee-joo wants to invest her energy senselessly. Then, at that point, she meets Goo Hae-won (Shin Hyun-been), an art educator, lacking common means yet loaded with life and sparkling.

Reflection of You Trailer

The official trailer of the drama is available publicly which uploaded on Oct 1, 2021, on the official channel of Netflix Asia. 

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