Chicago Fire season 10 episode 3 release date

In recent times movies or TV shows based on workplace have boomed and is creating a lot of buzzes, People are enjoying these shows and learning about the work culture of different groups of individuals and difficulties at there job with few dramatic setting. One of the shows that follow a similar setting is Chicago Fire, which is an American drama series which is created by Michael Brandt, Derek Haas, and Dick Wolf.

The show currently has 10 seasons comprising of 196 episodes with an average runtime of 42 minutes, the show has a large star cast of talented actors, series is set in the lives of firefighters at the fictional fire station 51 in the Chicago city, the show is set in the everyday life and challenges that the firefighters of come across in there everyday life both professionally and personally. The show particularly also manages to pay tribute to the fire fighting community not only in the USA but across the world and keeps the life of these Bravehearts and how they take extreme challenges to save other’s lives from fire.

Chicago Fire season 10 episode 3 release date

The latest episode of Chicago Fire will be the third episode of 10thseason, the episode is titled “counting your breaths”. The episode is slated to release on 6th October 2021, it will be the 198th episode of the show.

Chicago Fire season 10 episode 3
CHICAGO FIRE — “Mayday” Episode 1001 — Pictured: (l-r) Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey, Christian Stolte as Randall “Mouch” McHolland — (Photo by: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC)

Chicago Fire season 10 episode 2 Recap

In the second episode of season 10, we see Jesse becoming quite famous as an internet personality after one of his videos goes, we also see how awesome and loveable character is Matt Casey when he is out in the field. We are also shown debates and discussions about the future leadership of firehouse 51 as there is a single position for so many officers, who all would prove their worthiness to gain the spot

Chicago fire season 10 episode 3 – what could happen next ?

The episode is titled ‘counting your breaths’ so one can expect that we would be able to see a lot of drama in this episode of Chicago fire which is going going to release very soon, and the episode is going to be full of strong and fast-paced plotlines with some fearless action sequences and intense drama that Is going to happen in Fire station 51, we could also see some romantic angles between our protagonists with few unexpected twists to shock the audience.

Chicago Fire season 10 episode 3

Keeping in mind the previous two episodes of season 10, a rough prediction is made regarding episode 3, so it is predicted in a manner that Griffin would learn the truth that his father has died a few days back and it would open up the crate of secrets why Griffin visited Casey, whereas Casey, Gallo, Ritter and violent taking various steps to expand their microbrewery business and gain success in it. We could come across big drama as all the talented officers would compete for the top position at the station and claim themselves worthy.

Cast of Chicago Fire

Jesse Spenser plays the character of Matthew Casey. Casey was the  Lieutenant and later the Captain at the firehouse 51 and the officer Who is in charge of the truck Company 81. Taylor Kinney plays the character of Kelly Severide who is the Lieutenant at Squad Company 3. Kara Killmer plays the character of Sylvie Brett who is the paramedic in charge at Ambulance 61. David Eigenberg plays the character of Christopher Herrmann who serves as the Lieutenant at Engine Company 51. Joe Minoso is playing the character of Joe Cruz who is a firefighter at Squad Company 3.

Trailer for Chicago Fire

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