Queen Of South Season 6 Release Date Updates And, Recap

Queen of South season 5 has already premiered on Netflix, and fans are now waiting for its 6th season to release as soon as possible. And the best thing about the show is, heroine Teresa Mendoza is the most loved character from the show, and the audience likes to see more of her. The show originally premieres on the USA Network. The USA network TV series starring Alice Braga and her gang will be in the new part of the world, fans are keen and have their own theories to feed into the storyline of our star.

As the fifth season has already premiered, the audience can’t wait but wonder when Queen Of South Season 6 Release Date will come out. Is the show renewed again or canceled? If we compare the last two seasons, season 5 wasn’t a big hit as compared to the 4th season of the show. So, original makers could be in a situation where they have to think about the renewal of the show. So, here are all the compiled up details we know about the Queen Of South Season 6 Release date.

Queen Of South Plot Synopsis

Queen Of South Season 6 Release Date

Queen of South has all reason to become a great crime drama thriller. MA Fortin and Joshua John Miller are the creators of the show. The story goes on with our Teresa Mandoza, Played by Alice Braga, it shows her humble beginnings as a poor woman whose connections are with drug cartels and goes onto become a drug queenpin, due to her boyfriend’s murder she makes revenge her priority which led her to makes choices that make her who she is today.

Teresa’s journey- with her old weak self to fighting her foes, her decisions, choices, and Ruthlessness to build a drug cartel empire has kept the audience captivated for 4 seasons now. People see the value in a woman crime drama that is as thrilling as QoS, which wields the power to dictate the lives of others. But the twist in plots and new elements in the show keeps us over the edge.

Who’s the Queen Of South?

The show is based on a telenovela, which is actually an adaptation based on a novel with the same name in Spanish. Teresa had to flee Mexico when her boyfriend is murdered by a drug cartel. She took refuge in the US and develop a bloodthirst for her revenge.

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Queen Of South Season 6 Release Date

Queen Of South Season 6

Queen of South is up for next season, which will consist of 13 episodes just like previous seasons. The 5th season has finally concluded on the 9th of June, 2021. And fans are waiting to hear the renewal of the show, so will there ever be Queen Of South Season 6? The answer to this could be very devastating for the fans. When the 5th season aired its last episode, it was the last time you saw Teresa Mendoza and her cast entertaining you. The original makers have revealed that the show has officially been canceled and there will be no sixth season.

Yes, the news is very sad, and we could just hope for the best, but season six is highly unlikely to happen. There are negligible chances for the show to get renewed. The cast and makers of the show have already mentioned in the interview, that they are going to miss everything from the set and wish it wasn’t ending. The directors of the show mentioned they wanted to end the show in a note. Where everyone felt happy about it, and that’s what they did.

The fifth season of the show also faced many problems. Production came to a halt, to be exact on March 14th, 2020, amid the chaos of the pandemic, which made fans wait a little longer for their queries. Especially after the suspenseful cliffhanger in season 4.

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Queen Of South: A Quick Recap

By the end of season 3 as the drama progresses she shows her mettle and commands a great deal of power, we see her get into a lot of action, fights with her foes as she transition from a weak lead to a promising kickass heroine.

We’ve slowly come to like the idea of a female drug cartel boss, her determination to her path has kept us engaging, her desire to build an empire, and her ambitions know no bound. As the story proceeds to season 4 ending with a huge cliffhanger. This, no wonder is testing our patience for the 5th season, to see whether Teresa’s plans work out or she can salvage the situation. And season 5 answered everything that was left unanswered in season 4. The fifth season consisted of 10 episodes.

E01- 7th of April, 2021Fantasmas/ Ghosts
E02- 14th of April, 2021Me Llevo Manhattan/ I’ll Take Manhattan
E03- 21st of April, 2021No Te Pierdas La Cabeza/ Don’t Lose Your Head
E04- 28th of April, 2021 La Situacion/ The Situation
E05- 5th Of May, 2021Mas Dinero Mas Problemas/ More Money More Problems
E06- 12th of May, 2021Plata o Plomo/ Silver or Lead
E07- 19th of May, 2021El Zorro en La Gallinera/The Fox in Chicken Coop
E08- 26th of May, 2021Todo Lo Que Toco/ Everything I Touch
E09- 2nd of June, 2021A Prueba de Balas/ Bulletproof
E10- 9th of June, 2021El Final/ The End

Queen Of South Cast

All the old faces returned in season 5. Alice Braga will play the role of the protagonist, Teresa Mandoza, along with Hemky Madera, Peter gadiot, and Nick Sagar. We can also see some new faces and some familiar casts from the previous season.

The heart and soul of the story are Mendoza herself, she brings life to the show. Her charm as protagonist stands out and propels the story in the right direction which is unexpected and twisting at times.

Perhaps we all have soft spot for a flawed character like Mendoza. She seemed morally rich in the beginning but as she gets tangled up in a power struggle. She gradually changes into something unrecognizable from her past self. Who would kill cold blood and use any means to achieve their goals. So her base is shaky and we can relate to such characters.

We’re looking for more blood-chilling scenes just from season 4 in which the young man becomes collateral in the response to an attack that was meant for Mendoza. Hope to see more of our queenpin Latina Mendoza.

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