Is Singapore Social Season 2 Release Date Uncertain?

While talking about the Asian series, we cannot forget to mention the ‘Singapore Social.’ The name itself is enough to guess what this show is like. This is an unscripted television documentary. This reality TV show is available on Netflix and is set in Singapore itself. The first season went through a local controversy where the critics were disappointed as they felt that showing the life of people in Singapore is not good.

After the first season, people are in search of the details about Singapore social season 2 release date and expected cast. So, you have landed at the right place as here you’ll learn about recent updates about the second season of this show. Here are all the details we know about Singapore Social Season 2 Release Date.

Singapore Social Season 2 Release Date

Singapore Social Season 2 Story

As already mentioned season 1 was gaining negative publicity rather than having positive reviews. The criticism was also not in the favour of this reality TV show. Netflix always ensures to renew a particular series or a show only after having a look at its ratings and reviews. It means that this is one of the most important factors that support the happening of further installments in the future.

After having a look at all the aspects, we can say that the chances for Singapore Social to return are low but in case Netflix gives it a green light and season 2 happens, we will let you know and update the section as soon as possible. Although the official statement hasn’t dropped yet, we expect the Singapore Social release date to be sometime in 2022.

Moreover, Singapore Social season 1 aired on Netflix. All 8 episodes were released on the same day, 22 November 2019. Each episode had a running time of about 45 minutes. Globally, this series is available on the same online streaming platform.

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Singapore Social Season 2 Trailer

The trailer for the upcoming season is a far way to go. Till then, head onto Netflix to catch all the episodes or you can watch the previous trailer here.

Singapore Social Season 2 Cast

This television documentary series has a long list of cast members. Since the story deals with young Singaporean people and their relations with families and friends, it has many actors as the notable cast. It is quite difficult to mention all of them here.

However, some of the main cast members include Nicole Ong, Sukki Singapora, Mae Tan, and Faul Foster. In addition to them, Vinny Sharp and Tabitha Nauser can also be seen in them. All these actors are famous for some of the significant roles they played in various series and films.

As far as the cast members of Singapore Social season 2 is concerned, we expect the star cast to return while it can also have new people joining the show that might be playing new roles and characters in the future season

Singapore Social Season 2 Plot

Singapore Social Season 2 Release Date

The first season was not welcomed by the local people very well and so if the creators announce the second season, there are chances that the story can be changed to a far extent and might please the local audiences as well as the critics.

The first season showed the lives of Singaporean youth. The spectators got to know about their way of building career. It also depicted how they manage their relationships with their family. Spectators also saw them solving their issues of love life. Overall, this series has drama and glamour.

Singapore social covers the issues like happiness and career and at the same time, dealing with the expectations of family. One can also witness the rich culture and the attitude of the millennial people.

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