When to Expect The 1983 Season 2 Release Date?

1983 is one of the average undertakings of the Netflix premiered in 2018. 1983, is a crime drama series created for Netflix by The Kennedy/Marshall Company and House Media Company the show highlight the decades after the terrorist attack of 1983 when a student of law and a police officer strives to discover the truth and open up the conspiracy that maintains Poland as a police state.

The show features Maciej Musial, Robert Wieckiewicz, Michalina Olszanska along with Zofia Wichlacz, Andrzej Chyra, Krzysztof Wach in lead roles. Story of the penned by Joshua Long and Maciej Musial. Joshua also serves as a producer. 1983 was released in 2018 as per the source it was not a big hit and considered as an average one although it did well but not meet the expectations of the audience. Since then season 2 of the franchise is still in discussion but it is not confirmed that season 2 will arrive or not it is not even renewed by the makers. After searching we have found some facts about 1983 Season 2 and its release date.

1983 Season 2 Release Date

For now, we have to face the fact that 1983 Season 2 is in the middle of nowhere it is not even renewed and not discontinued. Season 2 of the will happen or not it is up to the makers of the show. More than two years ago season one arrived on Netflix and season one was filmed in a year same was expected with season 2 but nothing had happened like this wait for the season is increasing day by day with no updates.

The possibility of getting the show is almost equal to not getting the show. The reason behind the holdup can also be the insufficiency of the story to picturise and can also be the global pandemic that pushed so many shows back. However, the fact is that show will happen or not isn’t decided yet. Till then we have to wait for the announcement either of continuation or discontinuation.

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1983 Season 2 Story

1983 season 2

Season one story revolves around the twenty-year after the attack of 1983 happen and how the attack changed Poland. A law student and police officer try to uncover the hidden face behind all this conspiracy. Season one is based on the attack of 1983 now what will be the story of season 2, maybe it can also explore another story. However, the journey of season 2 is not started yet so it is quite difficult to tell the eject story of the show.

1983 Season 2 Cast

The main cast of the show features stars like Maciej Musial as Kajetan Skowron, Robert Wirckiewicz featured as Anatol Janow, Michalina Olszanska characterised as Ofelia Ibrom, Zofia Wichlacz highlighted as Karolina Lis along with Andrzej Chyra as Władyslaw Lis. The supporting role of the show consists of Ewa Blaszczyk as Maria Gierowska, Edyta Olszowka as Julia Stepinska and Agnieszka Zulewska as Maja Skowron along with Wojciech Kalarus as Mikolaj Trojan, Miroslaw Zbrojewicz as Kazimierz Swietobor.

1983 Season 1 Recap

In 1983 devastating terrorists completely changed Poland’s independence. After twenty years of the attack, a law student and a police investigator impingement upon a conspiracy accountable for the attack and misery of the people. In the year 2003, after two decades of harmony and prosperity, the leaders of the government approve a confidential plan with an unlikely enemy in the 1980s that will completely transform Poland and impact the lives of every resident in the nation and the stains of this can also affect the other nations as well. What if these two men successfully discover and have likely to provoke a revolution and those in power will stop at nothing to hide it and always keep it as a secret and then take the advantage of that.

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