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For anime and manga followers like us, Fairy Tail is one of those anime that has a somewhat special place in our hearts. Some of the other things that make this series different from others like its unique plot, characters design, etc. I know like mine your minds also are curious to know whether Fairy Tail Season 10 is coming or not in the future? Is it canceled? Well, your answers are here because, in this post, we are covering all the details and the latest update of the Fairy Tail Season 10. Read further.

Fairy Tail is a fantasy and action-adventure Japanese anime series adapted from the manga of the same title by Hiro Mashima. Produced by A-1 Pictures and Satelight, and directed by Shinji Ishihira, it is one of the most accomplished series out there. Fairy Tail won Best Japanese Anime Award and Best French Dubbing Award at the 19th Anime & Manga Grand Prix in 2012, and the Animax Asia’s Anime of the Year Award in 2010. Let’s see after delivering nine seasons, whether creators are planning to deliver further or not.

Fairy Tail Season 10 Release date

Fairy Tail Season 10 Renewal Status

Fairy Tail first and foremost season broadcasted on TV Tokyo on October 12, 2009. The ninth season first premiered on October 7, 2018, and concluded with 51 episodes on September 29, 2019. Funimation simultaneously acquired the right for the series dubbed episodes on their Funimation Channel. Many anime buffs aren’t aware of the fact that the ninth season was the finale and last season of the Fairy Tale and creators have no interest to continue the series for season 10. The reason for the cancellation of the tenth season might be related to the content material as the makers covered all the available source material and content from the manga in their ninth season and there is nothing left to cover in the next season. If they ever decide to make the tenth season, then they probably have to get a new and different plot for it. 

All the previous seasons were a huge success and loved by the fans as well as critics. That’s why fans are still looking forward and wanting to see season 10. After all, after binging all the nine seasons, who would want to say goodbye to such a series. With that hope, if Fairy Tail season 10 might happen somewhere in the future, then what will be its expected plot, characters, etc.

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Fairy Tail Season 10 Expected Plot

Fairy Tail Season 10 Expected Plot

In the supernatural place where there is Fiore, magic exists as a fundamental piece of regular day-to-day existence. Endless magic guilds lie at the center of all supernatural activity and fill in as settings for similar mages to unite as one and take on work demands. Among them, Fairy Tail stands apart from the rest as a position of strength, spirit, and family.

Lucy Heartfilia is a youthful mage looking for heavenly door keys, and her fantasy is to turn into an undeniable wizard by joining this well-known guild. In her hunt, she runs into Natsu Dragneel and his accomplice Happy, who is on a mission to track down Natsu’s foster dad, the mythical dragon Igneel.

After being deceived by a man, Lucy falls under a kidnapping attempt, just to be saved by Natsu. To her shock, he uncovers that he is a part of Fairy Tail and welcomes her to go along with them. There, Lucy meets the guild’s bizarre members, for example, the ice wizard Gray Fullbuster and wizardry swordswoman Erza Scarlet. Altogether, they fight the powers of evilness, help those out of luck, and gain new companions, meanwhile getting a charge out of the endless experience that is Fairy Tail.

As mentioned above, the previous season was the final one and the makers gave concluded and gave the perfect ending to the series and didn’t leave any string attached. Also, the last season showed the last volume of the manga already so it’s hard to predict the plot of the tenth season. If next season happens, it will probably cover something new story-wise or might be picked up the event after a year of the season finale.

Fairy Tale Season 10 Characters 

Fairy Tale Season 10 Characters

The protagonists of the series are members of the titular guild, Fairy Tail where they involve what their fellow members respect to be the society’s most impressive group because of their high enchanted strength and teamwork. It at first comprises Lucy Heartfilia, Natsu Dragneel, and Happy at the idea of the divine soul Plue soon after Lucy’s enlistment into the guild, and later extends to include Gray Fullbuster and Erza Scarlet after a few common missions together. Wendy Marvell and Carla are additionally viewed as members of the group. The whole list of characters of Fairy Tale is quite long. Here is the list of Main Fairy Tail members which includes: Natsu Dragneel voiced by Tetsuya Kakihara, Lucy Heartfilia voiced by Aya Hirano, Happy voiced by Rie Kugimiya, Gray Fullbuster voiced by Yuichi Nakamura, Erza Scarlet voiced by Sayaka Ohara, Wendy Marvell voiced by Satomi Satō, and Carla voiced by Yui Horie.

The complete series is available to stream in both Japanese and English language. I’ve mentioned the Japanese cast only. If you haven’t watch Fairy Tail, you can easily watch it on Crunchyroll or Funimation. In case we received any more latest news or update, we will not forget to notify you.  

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