Assassination Classroom Season 3 Release date and rumors

When we talk about assassination classroom most of us from the Otaku world have already watched the earlier two seasons way back in 2015, And especially after the Netflix Debut, the fan following went sky high. There have been various assumptions and theories we can see in the Quora and Reddit Forums, but they are merely Guesses and No one knows what is going to happen with the future of assassination classroom season 3. Will the show ever return or we should be Excited for a season 4? Worry not we’ve got your back with the rock-solid info that we have researched and Concluded.

Written by Yūsei Matsui Assassination Classroom is a manga series that came back in 2012 In the Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump and contained about 21 Volumes. The anime had an earlier version as well that aired At the Jump Super Anime Tour in 2013. And also aired on Television Which was adapted by Lerche and the same anime which we see on Netflix back in 2015 on Fuji Tv which had a lot of TRP ratings. Although the show seemed to take off after Netflix officially adopted the anime and Assassination Classroom was recognized Globally.

What will be the story of Assassination Classroom season 3

As we all know the main plot of the Anime revolved around a distinct-looking guy More like an Octopus looking that has tentacles all around. The emergence of this character has a back story as well. As in the manga, Aliens invade the Moon, and only 25% of the moon is left and can be seen in a crescent form, their next target was planet earth. But when they arrive at Earth they feel pity for the people and give them a chance to postpone their doom. 

Assassination Classroom Season 3
Assassination Classroom Season 3

Till then the creature takes a job as a regular teacher in a school and is known as Koro-sensei by all. The funny part is he teaches normal subjects to his students but also teaches them the art of killing and the Assassination techniques he knows. Upon which the anime is named upon. But later on, the Japanese government comes to know about the evil dead and issues a warrant against Koro-sensei and claims to give a reward of US$100 million to anyone who kills the creature.

But to the instance, things take a turn Koro-Sensei is loved by all and the kids he teaches are his fan, as he not only teaches fun stuff but also helped them pass their classes and achieve good grades, Not only this Koro is an alien invader he has supernatural powers which he uses to dispose of his enemies. He has every ability you could think of an alien can have from cloning to Invisible mode nothing can destroy Sensei Koro.

After this various other assassins and murderers are involved in the cat and mouse chase where they all have come in with the greed of getting the money and even some have personal grudges. Even the students understand the truth later on that their teacher has been an Earth Destructor and will kill everyone on the planet. 

Assassination Classroom Season 3

If there is Assassination Classroom season 3 the story might be with more Aliens invading and the earth might completely turn against the invaders and especially Koro Sensei, we might see more fun more comedy Just like we have witnessed in the earlier seasons.

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Story of Assassination Classroom season 3 Release date

As of now, no official announcements have been made by the makers regarding Assassination Classroom Season 3 and there are high chances that the show has been Dissolved permanently. As there is no official announcement after the release of season 2 on June 30, 2016, there have been no words regarding season 3. Yet it is just an assumption as there might be some future announcements.

It has been 5 years till date that the show has not yet been renewed but it is highly possible that the Author might write a new volume of the Manga and as per the current popularity of the show the season 3 might be announced soon. As in the Anime world we have seen various instances where the storyline is extended and a new season or a spinoff is released after the boost in the TRP ratings.

Assassination Classroom Season 3
Assassination Classroom Season 3

Earlier in 2015 there was a movie based on the manga was released which became the 8th Highest grossing film of the year earning a total of 23 Million US$, later on the next year  Assassination Classroom: Graduation, was released which was also a massive hit.

Koro – sensei’s Character was fanatically popular in Japan that various games adapted the character as a Avatar just to attract the massive fanbase towards their product. 

More or less  Assassination Classroom has been an epic anime that can never be forgotten. You can stream the Show on Netflix and wait for the season 3 Announcements.

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