A Love So Beautiful Season 2 Release Date And Cast Details!

It’s very common to hear people talking about South Korean dramas and there is no doubt of their popularity. But what’s the thing that made it so popular. K-dramas are in the limelight because of the simple love story and cute romance. The feeling of love is always beautiful and this is what is shown in the Korean drama called, A Love So Beautiful. This TV series aired last year. When it was streamed online, the viewership went really high and this led the series to receive appreciation and positive responses. After the first season, people desperately wanted this series to be renewed. So in this post, you will get to know all about A Love So Beautiful season 2 release date, expected plot, and cast details.

A Love So Beautiful Season 2 Release Date

It was on 28 December 2020 when the first episode of this famous Korean drama was released. The last episode made its way on Kakao TV on 20th February 2021. A Love So Beautiful season 1 was very successful and it was worth watching. It has not been too long since the premiere of the last episode, so there are chances that the creators can renew the series for season 2. Also, there is a plus point that leads to the positive side about the happening of A Love So Beautiful season 2.

A Love So Beautiful Season 2 Release Date
A Love So Beautiful Season 2 Release Date

However, till now it has not been officially announced that this Korean TV series will be having its next installment in the future. Hence, unless and until, any official confirmation drops in, the release date for A Love So Beautiful season 2 will be under suspense. But if we expect any statement regarding it in 2021, we can probably have the next season in 2022. Till then, head onto Netflix to catch the previous episodes and refresh your memories.

A Love So Beautiful Season 2 Plot

In 2017, a Chinese drama was released before the people that had the same title. It was based on a novel by Zhao Qianqian. In 2020, this Chinese TV series was announced for a Korean remake. So, the story of A Love So Beautiful was also the same as that of the original drama series.

The story revolves around three high school students and all three become part of a love triangle. Shin Sol-i has a crush on Cha Heon. Both of them were neighbors and she has made several efforts to please him. But every time, Cha Heon ignored her and felt awkward whenever talking or thinking about feelings. Another important character who falls in love with Shin Sol-i is Woo Dae-Seong. Although he was a transfer student at the school, he wanted to get along with her. He was a good swimmer and becomes a friend of Shin Sol-i. The story becomes really interesting when several other characters enter the plot. These young people go through a roller coaster of emotions, find their love and purpose of living.

In season 1, the story went well and there was no question that was left behind by the series. So, in the second season, we can expect a story that would start from a new beginning.

A Love So Beautiful Season 2 Release Date

A Love So Beautiful Season 2 Cast

The characters that showed up in season 1, were loved by the people and so our speculations say that the main characters can return. The chances are really high and since the story will be a bit different, new actors can join the series. Talking about the cast of season 1, Kim Yo-han was playing Cha Heon, So Joo-Yeon was in the role of Shin Sol-i, and Yeo Hoe-Hyun as Woo Dae-Seong. In addition to them, Jo Hye-Joo and Jeong Jin-hwan are in the series as Kang Ha-young and Jeong Jin-hwan, respectively.

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