Is Put Your Head On My Shoulder Season 2 Getting A Release Date?

It is not only the South Korean dramas that are famous worldwide but there are certain Chinese television series that have been loved by people all around. One such series is Put Your Head On My Shoulder that is based on a novel, titled the same. It is a romantic comedy that has received several awards. Season 1 was quite successful for the creators and fans also enjoyed watching it. It’s been two years since the original release and Fans are anxious to know the details about the Put Your Head On My Shoulders season 2 release date and other information. 

Put Your Head On My Shoulder Season 2 Release Date

Consisting of 25 episodes, including a special episode, Put Your Head On My Shoulder season 1 was released on 10th April 2019 and had its finale on 16th May 2019. This series was able to please the audience, resulting in which it received good ratings and became a hit in China. Going through the reviews and ratings, there’s hope for the next season. However, even after a gap of a year since the release of season 1, there has been no official announcement regarding the future installment. This makes the entire scenario doubtful. Moreover, on the other side, the story ended on a good note and it was a happy ending, so the chances for Put Your Head On My Shoulders season 2 seems less.

At the moment, nothing is sure about the happening of season 2, so we cannot say anything confirmed about it. 

Put Your Head On My Shoulder Season 2 Cast

Season 1 had three main characters around which the entire story revolved. Xing Fei was the lead actress in this series and was playing the role of Situ Mo. Gu Wei Yi was played by Lin Yi and was a physics student. The childhood friend of Situ Mo, Fu Pei, had been played by Tang Xiaotian. Apart from the main cast, there were several actors that appeared in the supporting roles. 

Put Your Head On My Shoulders Season 2

It is much expected for the star cast to return and reprise their roles in season 2, however, we can also have new faces in the series.

Put Your Head On My Shoulder Season 2 Plot

Situ Mo is a simple girl who has a crush on his childhood friend, Fu Pei. Although she confessed everything to him, she was disappointed by his behaviour. But when she crosses her path with Gu Wei Yi, her life takes a turn. Even though she is studying accountancy, she has an interest in advertising and so she finds a job in one of the top advertising companies. On the other hand, Gu Wei Yi is an intelligent student of physics who is working on several experiments under a professor in the university.

After finding the job, Situ Mo has to shift to a new place and apparently it turns out to be the flat of Gu Wei Yi’s mother. Situ Mo’s mother was knowing his mother personally and she suggested Situ Mo move in there. After a few days, Gu Wei Yi also starts living there. In all this due course, both of them fell in love and their parents approved their marriage. 

As already mentioned, it was a happy ending for season 1 and we hope a new story can come up in the next season. Further. Put Your Head On My Shoulders season 2 can pick up from where the previous part ended.

Put Your Head On My Shoulder Season 2 Episodes

Most probably it would also consist of the same number as that of season 1. However, it can be one or two episodes more or less. Since this installment is not sure at the moment, predicting the number of episodes is quite way too early. You can catch the previous episodes on Netflix to refresh your memories.

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