Alice Season 2 Release Date Cast & Plot That you need to know

Korean drama is something which we always love to watch, these are different from the other series. Korean dramas are also known as K-drama which is very much appreciated worldwide, are unique and always give us good stories. Alice is a South Korean sci-fi TV arrangement featuring Kim Hee-sun and Joo Won. It was broadcasted on SBS from August 28 to October 24, 2020 with a total of 16 episodes & the series is depicted as “a human science fiction show about a mysterious time travel of a lady who takes after a dead lady and a man who lost his feelings. Won plays a criminal investigator who finds the presence of people who goes back and forth through time, which permits him to rejoin with a lady he knew who passed on before. Fans are quite satisfied with the first season and eagerly waiting for the next season.

Alice Season 2 Plots

Here the main lead Park Jin-Gyeom (Joo Won) is an investigator, who doesn’t show his feelings, basically his nature is quite shy & calm, always hides his feelings. The series Alice portrays his character very well. While examining a secretive case, he understands the presence of people who jump through time.

Alice Season 2 Release Date
Alice Season 2 Release Date

Alice is a time travel organization that works for 2050 and there is a married couple yoon Tae-yi and Yoo Min-hyuk working there & they want to come back in 1992 to get a prophecy book. The people who go back and forth through time go to the current day from the future through a space called Alice. The book is very important for them coz it is already written there how the time travel will end. But here comes the twist, some other people will also be there to find that book.

But they already find the book and preparing to leave. In the meantime, she understands that she is pregnant and it is harmful to travel in 2050 in this condition so she decides to stay here and wants to give birth to her child. After sometimes she gives birth to a son who is not normal & not able to express anything.

The lady died after some days when her son studies at the school and the secret case begins.  Park Jin-Gyeom battles to forestall negative things occurring through Alice. During this time, he meets Yoon Tae-Yi (Kim Hee-Seon) once more. Park Jin-Gyeom demands that their gathering is a game-changing get-together. Yoon Tae-Yi is a virtuoso physicist and she holds a key to  time travel. While they disentangle the mystery of time travel together, she understands a mystery behind her.

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Alice Season 2 Cast details

Kim Hee-sun as Yoon Tae-yi, later she used this name Park Sun-young,Kim Ji-yu played as young Tae-yi ,Joo Won played as Park Jin-gyeom ,Moon Joo-won played as kid Park Jin-gyeom ,Moon Woo-jin played as Park Jin-gyeom, Kwak si-yang played as yoo Min-hyuk. ,Lee Da-in played as Do Yeon.

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Alice season 2 Release Date

The watchers are excitedly hanging tight for season 2 of the dramatization Alice. Season 1 has left the OTT on a positive note that everybody is sitting tight for season 2. As per the momentum reports, there is no such affirmation of season 2 of the show. Fans have an eye on the delivery date, however, there is still no discussion of anything all things considered.

Alice Season 2 Release Date

This is very discouraging for the watchers as the show worked effectively on the web. Likewise, it is quite possibly the most seen Korean show of the year. The venture is as yet not affirmed by the creators and the maker of the first systems administration accomplice SBS till now. Netflix is delivering new Korean shows, and possibly it will chip away at it, and anything can occur.

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