The Devil Punisher Season 2 Release Date Updates!

The devil punisher is a Combo of romance, thriller as well as supernatural events. The show is penned by Kimi Lin, Fan Yun-Chieh, Chen Jingwen, with Huang Yunani and created under the banner of Salih E-Television and Netflix. The show spotlights Roy Chang, Mike He, Amanda Chou, Ivy Shao, Jane Cheng, Anson Chen and Johnny Yang in lead roles. The devil punisher premiered in 2020 and was a commercial success and grabbed the attention of the audience all over the world.

The story of the show pictures a person who is living his life in two completely different characters, he a baker in the day and a demon fighter in the night and this concept of the show amused the audience very much. As the first season of the show amused the audience, the audience w to get more of that and season 2 of the is highly expected by the audiences. Here we will discuss more the devil punisher season 2.

Makers of the show Zhang Jinrong and Chen Ronghui and production company Salih E-Television has not announced the continuation of the show yet. However, it’s not too late as season one released in 2020. The Devil Punisher Season 2 is happening or not decision is up to the makers of the show. But fans wouldn’t be satisfied with only one season they are expecting more from the franchise as season one of the show received a huge fanbase. Possibly we may get its renewal late in 2021 or early in 2022 makers are taking their time for the continuation and its announcement till then we have to wait.

The Devil Punisher Season 2 Release Date

The Devil Punisher Season 2 Release Date

Season one of the show started premiere in February 2020 and enclosed by July 12, 2020. As if now the show didn’t complete one year of its season one, well as makers of the show not officially announced the renewal. As well all know makers of the shows sometimes takes time of one or two years to announce the continuation of the show. So for now we have to wait until the show officially gets its renewal.

However, it is expected that soon we will get its continuation news because season one was a huge success and receive a positive response. Based on these facts, we can foresee season 2 soon. The release of the show is not publicized yet and it will too early to tell we can expect that. As of now, there is no The Devil Punisher Season 2 Release Date

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The Devil Punisher Season 2 Cast

If the makers of the forwards the same story of season one then the characters like Zhong Kui, Lady Meng, Lady Qin Kuang, Cheng Huang, Ouyang Kai will appear again in the show with another story. The cast and their characters of season one are given below-

The main cast and their characters in the show include Mike featured as Zhong Kui, Ivy Shao highlighted as Lady Meng and Amanda Chou starred as Lady Qin Kuang, Johnny Yang featured as Cheng Huang along with Roy Chang as Ouyang Kai all of them spotlighted as the lead character of the show. The supporting character of the show includes Chen Bor-Jeng starred as Bat Spirit, Dewi Chien is shown as Seven Star Sword Spirit and Tan Ai-Chen starred as Grandma Wu, Yin Chao-te featured as Wu Ching-yuan along with Peter Kuan promoted as Chen Ze-Hsuan, Sing Hom appeared as Wei Yun-Han and Hank Wang shown as Zhao Jia-jun.

The Devil Punisher Season 2 Story

The Devil Punisher Season 2
The Devil Punisher

The Devil punisher is a story of a young man and his dual life and duties. He serves as a baker in the morning and demon fighter in the night. Season one of the show consists of a total of 20 episodes available on Netflix, TTV Main Channel and SET Metro.

The Devil punisher is the second collaboration between Netflix and Salih E-Television and it can also be termed as one of the successful collaborations of Netflix and Salih E-Television. The first part of the franchise gained great responses same expected from Season 2 of the franchise. However, as if now season 2 of the show and its destiny is not set yet. We are likely to wait for an official statement of the second Season.

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