Chupke Chupke Ending Explained And Recap

Directed by Danish Nawaz, Chupke Chupke is a Pakistani romantic comedy series that was recently released before the viewers. During Ramadan, people love watching comedy TV shows and that’s the reason this series was a success for the creators. Pakistani serials are famous for smooth romance and very often people enjoy being nuggets comedic gold. Chupke Chupke had a connection with reality and never showed anything superficial or extraordinary. This TV series was not only loved by the people in Pakistan but spectators from the neighborhood countries also enjoyed watching it.

Recently the last episode was released and the story was concluded with a happy ending. Many a time, we look for the post that can come up with the ending explained and the recap of a particular series. So let’s get straight into the Chupke Chupke ending explained and season 1 recap. But before that, it’s important to know about the characters that have played important roles in this Pakistani series.

Chupke Chupke Cast: Who’s in it?

Chupke Chupke is starring Ayeza Khan and Osman Khalid Butt as Maniha Kifayat Ali also known as Meenu, and Faaz Ibrahim also known as Faazi, respectively. Asma Abbas is playing the role of Naik Parwar, first wife of Nawab Saheb while Uzma Beg is in the series as Naik Bakht, Nawab Saheb’s second wife. Both of them fight over every small issue in the house and dislike each other. Meenu is the granddaughter of Nek Parwar while Faazi is the grandson of Nek Bakht.
Next on the list of the cast is Arslan Naseer. He is playing the role of Muhammad Hadi Kamil, the eldest son of Kishwar. Even though he has an MBA degree, he fails in finding a job.

Aymen Salim did her debut from Chupke Chupke as Ramisha Ibraham, aka Mishi. She is the youngest sister of Faazi. The characters, Gul e Rana aka Gul, Miskeen Ali, Roomi, are played by Mira Sethi, Ali Safina, and Hira Soomro, respectively. Miskeen is Gul’s husband and he is from Sadiqabad. Meenu has a younger sister Muniba Kifayat Ali aka Michi. Farhan Ally Agha is playing Kifayat Ali while the character of his wife, Kaneez, has been played by Tara Mahmood. Naik Parwar has an elder daughter-in-law, Kishwar Kamil. It has Ayesha Mirza in this role. She is a mother of two children Hadi and Waleed Kamil (Aadi Khan)aka Kaddo. In the last of the series, we witness Qavi Khan as Bade Abba, the elder brother of Nawab Sahab. He is the only person to whom both the wives of Nawab Sahab listen and work accordingly.

Chupke Chupke Season 1 Recap

The story starts when both the wives of Nawab Sahab are concerned about their grandson. Naik Parwar lives in Nawab Villa while Naik Bakht lives in Nawab House. Faazi runs a pesticides business that used to be of his grandfather. When not in the office, he used to give tuitions to Meenu who is trying to complete her studies in mathematics. Her father wants Meenu to complete her master’s degree so that she can help him in keeping records of his poultry farm business. But even though she is trying her best to qualify in her semester exams, she fails every time, and therefore, she wants to get rid of her studies. Besides all of this, Meenu is a happy and clumsy girl who possesses much childish behavior.

On the other hand, she does not like Faazi and hence tries to keep a distance from him. Kifayat is always worried about expenses and tries to save every penny that is possible. After his elder brother (Kishwar’s husband) died, he had become more concerned to save money. He does not like to spend money even on useful commodities. This is the reason that her daughters and their cousins secretly take out money from his ‘gullak’.

Even though Naik Parwar and Naik Bakhto have a competition regarding everything, Faazi and Hadi are best friends. Mirchi is the social media manager of her grandmother. Everyone in the house is troubled with her habit of updating the status on social media about every single news of the family. She is unable to keep a secret from anyone, and therefore, her siblings have given her a nickname, Mirchi. But despite all of this, she is the best buddy of her grandmother. Waleed is fond of cricket and wants to get selected for the Under 19 cricket team.

Gul is the twin sister of Faazi but she is a minute older than him. After their parents died, she stayed at home to take care of her siblings and get them married. She is very possessive of all of them and especially concerned for Faazi. Mishi loves Hadi but she never confessed in front of him. She desires a life where she can live with him.

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Did Meenu Married Ashar? Why Faazi and Hania’s Marriage was Called Off?

When Hania was chosen as the bride for Faazi, everyone was happy in the family except his sisters. Gul was not satisfied with this relationship as she never wanted her brother to be henpecked. Before the marriage, both of them went shopping and ate in a restaurant and this made Gul-e-Rana disappointed. She wanted to end this relationship but was not supported by her grandmother. When Hania’s parents visited Faazi to discuss the marriage, Meenu entered the room. She was not bound to come but Mishi sent her because she was not eager to go before them. When Meenu was seen by the guest sitting there, she was liked by them and they wanted her to be their son, Ashar’s wife.

Meenu was excited about this marriage because this would make her get rid of her studies and then she would not have to complete her masters. Faazi was also happy that he was going to marry Hania. He always wanted to marry a sensible and mature girl and that Hania was. On the day of marriage, both the couples were ready and the guests were enjoying the ceremony. Both the families were ready to will come to their house. But the next moment, we saw a great twist. A woman with three children arrives and claims that she is Ashar’s wife. Everyone was shocked and Meenu didn’t get married to him.

On the other hand, she also tells that Hania got rejected many a time by several people. And then, Faazi and Meenu became sad. But Gul was very happy as she never wanted Hania to become Faazi’s wife.
When everyone was thinking about what to do next, the family came up with the decision to marry Meenu and Faazi. This was a piece of very shocking news for both of them but as the family approved it, their ‘nikaah’ happens.

Did Mishi Confess Her Love To Hadi?

Once Hadi’s marriage got fixed and the rituals work going on in the Nawab Villa. But at the last moment, the girl who was going to be his bride revealed that she is already married. Mishi listened and conveyed this information to other family members. they were not happy and Hadi was disappointed too. Mishi, who was sad when she got to know about his nikah, was now happy. Gradually, he came to know about her love. Then, he started falling for her and now both of them wanted to marry each other but were afraid of the family conflicts that were prevailing even after the death of Nawab Sahab.

Hadi’s mother, Waleed, Naik Parwar, Naik Bakhto, Mirchi, Meenu, and Faazi got to know the truth. No one wanted this couple to get married. But Meenu had a soft side for both of them and never had an issue with it.

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Chupke Chupke Season 1 Ending Explained: Why Meenu Left The House?

Even after their nikah, some of the family members were not happy. Gul was not ready to accept her at any cost. Some days before the walima, Bade Abba enters the plot and arrives at Nawab Villa. This is because Naik Bakhto and Naik Parwar had a conflict due to which Gul wanted to call off this marriage. Bade Abba made Meenu go to Faazi’s house. This was done quickly by him and this decision was not pleasing anyone. However, Meenu was not liked by Gul and Roomi. Every time they spoke harshly about her and this made Meenu frustrated.

When Faazi came to know about Mishi and Hadi, he became very angry at him and told him not to come closer to Mishi. He also talks to her sister and says that he does not approve of Hadi becoming her husband as he is not a responsible person and he does not have a job too. Faazi believed that Meenu was not knowing about this but when he learned that it is not so, he asked her to leave the house and go back to her home.

Chupke Chupke Last Episode Recap: Did Mishi Marry Hadi? Meenu and Faazi Come Closer!

When the situation was going out of control and once again Hadi’s marriage was fixed, Mishi went to Bade Abba and talked about the matter. After having a conversation with him she wrote a letter in which she mentioned how feelings will not be understood by anyone. And then she took a drastic step. Mishi left the house. When Gul and Roomi saw this letter, they became worried about her. But this fact was known by Bade Abba and Waleed helped Mishi to get to a safe place in Lahore. Hadi tries to find her and call her but he failed.

On the other side, due to the rude behavior of Faazi, Meenu was worried that he might give her a divorce. She didn’t want this but ultimately she found a lawyer and gave a court notice to him. After receiving this legal notice he tried to explain everything to Meenu and wanted to stay together. He said that he cannot live without her and loves her very much. But, Meenu is not willing to change decision.

At last, Hadi’s marriage ceremony comes closer and rituals start. He is not happy with all these but gets ready for everyone’s happiness and consent. When the bride enters, he was surprised to see her. She was non-other than Mishi. Meenu was also confused. Hadi learned the truth behind Mishi’s leaving the house. Meenu asked Faazi about this incident and then revealed that the court notice was a fake document. It had the handwriting of Hadi. Lastly, Mishi and Hadi get married, Meenu and Faazi got together. The last scene was a romantic moment between the star couple.

If you are willing to watch the entire series, head on to Youtube. It is also available on HUM TV.

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