Netflix’s Nightmare High Season 2 Release Date Expectations!

If you think of watching any series and get a subscription to any digit platform which platform named come first in your mind? Most of the time it is Netflix. Netflix is a digital platform that streams online films, series, and TV shows. Netflix needs its subscribers to spend a monthly fee. This fee provides subscribers endless availability as Netflix has a huge library of films and shows. On Netflix, more of the content was created and released by third-party makers like television networks.

Newly Netflix has started creating some original content of their own that content called Netflix’s original content. The new series to be included in the Netflix collection is Nightmare High.

Nightmare High is a wonderful series. You enjoy the suspenseful and mysterious show. It was originally released on Naver (a Korean television network). Nightmare High is a series of genre drama, mystery, horror, or, and supernatural fiction. It was directed and written by Hyun Moon-sub. Jung Yoo-suk was also the writer of the series. The show Distributor was Rakuten, VIKI, Naver, and Netflix.

Nightmare High Season 2 Release Date

Netflix’s Nightmare High Season one was started on 14 March 2016 and concluded on 31 March 2016. Currently, season one is streaming on Netflix. The series includes a total of 12 episodes with a running time of 14 – 20 minutes. Although the subscriber finishes watching the series first installment.

Now the viewers are waiting for season two of the series. They start asking the question – When will the Nightmare High season 2 release date come? To get the answer about it we must take a look at the previous season of the show. After that, you get an idea about Nightmare High Season 2. As there are 11 months between the premiered and release date.

Nightmare High Season 2 Cast

Nightmare High Season 2 Release Date

If we look forward to the cast of the second season of the series, we first see the cast members of Nightmare High Season one. Kim So Hyun plays the role of Kang Ye Rim, who is the class president in her school. And also she is the top student. The ideal student becomes fearful when she starts to realize that something odd is occurring with her teacher. Uhm Ki Joon plays Han Bong Goo, a new teacher in the Yosan Private High School. The teacher is the replacement of the older teacher after he gets accidents. Lee Minhyuk as Seo Sang Woo the classmate and the friend of Ye Rim. Everyone around Ye Rim appears to drop into a trance, and then dreams of her classmates appear to become true as soon as they dream it.

Other cast includes Baek Seung-do, Hak Jin, Jang Kyoung-Up, Ji Eun Sung, Kim Da-ye, Kim Ji-ahn, Kim So-hyun, Kwon Young Min, Lee Min-hyuk, Seo Jong Bong, Seo Shin-ae, and Uhm Ki-joon. I think with the coming of the announcement of season two we get to know who will be in the cast.

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Nightmare High Season 2 Story

The first season’s story revolved around the Yosan High School homeroom teacher who due to an accident gets hospitalized. Han Bong-gu a new substitute teacher, replaces him in the 2nd and 3rd classes. Throughout the show, odd incidents happen to many students in the classes after their new teacher takes them counseling room, offering to fulfill their deepest desires by signing a blood contract with them. After some time students of the class started to disappear Ye-Rim the class president notice that. Ye-rim and Sang-woo begin analyzing the case and Sang-woo takes pictures of the evidence and starts a gossip website about the investigation.

Nightmare High Season 2 Release Date

Move ahead, Ye-rim and Sang-woo get a message about somebody who knows where are the lost classmates are placed. Unfortunately, both students for saving their classmate d,elite gossip websites, and also written apology letters. Afterward, Ye-rim going into the counseling room with Han Bong-gu. Then Ye-rim visits into the mirror dimension. She finds herself a younger version. Han Bong-gu says that it is just a nightmare. At last, by saying that counseling is ended everything becomes normal.

Then, when Ye-rim wakes up, she thinks the students are bogged down in the classroom with their fantasies, then tells Sang-woo that she feels like she just woke up from a nightmare, but she can’t remember what the nightmare was. Sang-woo then correlates how injuries heal and nightmares are those where difficulties that happened are solved. In a post-credits event, the show finished on a cliffhanger. Currently, as there is no official news about the Nightmare High Season 2.

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