Guardian The Lonely and Great God Season 2 Release date!

When we talk about the romantic genre series the thing that comes to our mind is Korean dramas. The most popular worldwide K-drama series and one of the successful show Guardian: The Lonely and Great God also known as Goblin. The procedure of the show was Joo Kyung-ha and Kim Ji-Yeon and created by Studio Dragon. It is the drop of view looking at the goblin life that a person who carries a bloody sword in his chest and has been provided continual life as cost engages the viewer into the romance tale. The turn and complexity of life and dying make it more interesting.

Guardian The Lonely and Great God Season 2 Release date

Guardian The Lonely and Great God Season 2 Story

The show’s first season was released in Korea on 2 December 2016 on tVN. Each episode duration of approximately 1 hour 22 minutes it is ended on 21 January 2017. Series for outside Asia accessible on Viki and DramaFever with subtitle. With the release of ‘Goblin’, it becomes a huge k-drama and stamped as a hit mega Korean drama. Goblin’s story is different and creative because that show gains a massive viewership TV rating.

Also, the show gets popular all over the world. And shared different parody editions on social media platforms. The fashion style of cast members attracts the viewers. So, people start buying the accessories and items wore the start of the show.

Due to the success of season one, lovers of the series want to know if Guardian: The Lonely and Great God season 2 release date is coming or not. Audiences were nearly confident that the next season will be confirmed when Gong Yoo conveyed his views on the ending. This declaration did leave lovers optimistic for a Goblin Season two. Unfortunately, it is already decided that there will be no other season of ‘Guardian: The Lonely and Great God’. In 2017, Gong Yoo on tweet announced that there is no second season of the show.

So, as there is no official announcement that Season 2 would arrive. Now, if the creators of the show somehow reconsider their decision, because of seeing the international popularity, then there is the next installment. As of now, there is no Guardian The Lonely and Great God Season 2 Release date.

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Guardian The Lonely and Great God Season 2 Cast

Guardian The Lonely and Great God Season 2 Release date

The main cast member includes Gong Yoo plays Kim Shin aka Goblin. He is an endless entity that has existed for 939 years to age. Protect souls is the major task for him. Kim Shin is found of his real love and bride – a woman who can pull a wolf-draining sword through his chest. After the removal of the sword, he may eventually die and rest in peace. He also contains some supernatural powers and these potentials arrive at a price.

Kim Shin has to see his special ones die and can do nothing but grieve. He served as a general during the Goryeo era, before being cursed with immortality. King Wang Yeo finally up murdering him and then missed his memory after twisting into the Grim Reaper.

Kim Go-Eun is in the role of Ji Eun-Tak, a charming positive, and optimistic student of high school. She is the Goblin’s indicated bride. She can watch beings from immortality and is unaffected by the abilities of the Goblin along with the Grim Reaper.

Lee Dong-Wook as Grim Reaper, a gorgeous, cheerful, and pessimistic person, is provided the duty of coaching souls to their regenerated versions or afterlives. He does not contain recollection of his history and has to achieve this task as a penalty for something dad he did in his earlier life. He has a near with Goblin. Yoo In-na as Sunny aka Kim Sun, Yook Sung-Jae as Yoo Deok-Hwa, and more. As of right now, according to sources, season 2 does not come so there is no cast for it.

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Guardian The Lonely and Great God Season 2 Story

The story of Guardian: The Lonely and Great God Season one follows the immortality goblin, Kim Shin, and given the duty of saving souls. He tired of his afterlife, on the journey of search of the bride he embarks, who will support him to finish this pain. He lives with the Grim Reaper, who leads souls afterlife of their host bodies.

On the contrary, a high school student high school and goes on to stay positive despite the heartbreaks and challenges she overlooks every day. The goblin going through ways with her and they slowly fall in love. Again, the lovely Sunny beginnings getting interested in the grim reaper. As these 4 of them come together, their lives take many twists, while they discover many difficulties and uncertain circumstances

Guardian The Lonely and Great God Season 2 Trailer

Season one includes 16 episodes and three special episodes. The first installment official trailer was released on 23 November 2016 on tVN. I think you must check it’s the trailer first to know the show more. Now, there is no second season no trailer.

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