Iris Season 3 Release Date And What Could Happen Next?

Iris is an action, romance, thriller South Korean show developed by Kim Kyu-Tae, Yang Yun-ho and produced by Kim Young-jo. Show highlights Lee Byung-hun, Choi Seung-Hyun, Kim Tae-hee, Kim So-Yeon, Kim Seung-woo, Jung Joon-ho in leading roles. The story shows two best who belongs to the 707th Special Mission Battalion both recruited into a secret South Korean black ops agency commonly referred to as National Security Service.

The journey takes the two friends away from their home country to Hungary,  Japan, as well as China and they find themselves at the center of an international affair. Season one of the show premiered in 2009. Season 2 of the franchise released in the year 2013. The sequel of the show proceeds with the story of National Security Service agents and the two friends going up against the mysterious institution known as IRIS.

The series was critically and commercially successful. Iris was a series with a mediocre viewership of more than 30% in expansion to ranking as the top undertaking. Buffs of the still waiting for the next part of the series, when will they get a new part?

Iris Season 3 Release Date

As per the sources iris season, 3 is neither canceled nor renewed for another one. Since the second season premiere of the franchise after that any kind of official statement regarding the next part of the show. Makers are still quiet about the renewal of the show the reason behind this can also be the mediocre viewership of the last two installments.

Last two part of the show was a commercial success but they can’t be termed as a huge success, the reason behind this can also be that makers didn’t have any material or any story to pictures. As of now, there is no Iris Season 3 Release Date.

Iris Season 3 Cast

If makers of the show coming back with season 3 of the show and going back to the story of the two friends and their duty then the cast of the show must include celebs like Jang Hyuk, I’m Soo-Hyang, Lee Da-Hae, Lee Beom-soo, Yoon Doo-Joon, Oh Yeon-soo, Kim Yeong-Cheol and many more.

Iris Season 3 Release Date
Iris season 3

Jang Hyuk highlighted as Jung Yoo-gun one of the main characters of the show. He is a team leader of South Korea’s National Security Service. He also has to deal with the incidents related to IRIS as well as with surrounding Baek San. Simultaneously he startup a hopeless effort for his existence and gets caught up in disastrous circumstances that transform his life completely.

Lee Da-Hae highlighted as Ji Soo-Yeon. She played as a Main Heroine in the show. She is an Olympic gold medalist in pistol shooting, she is enrolled as an agent under the NSS. She and Yoo-gun matured together and fall in love as grown-ups.

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Lee Beom-soo as Yoo Joong-won Formerly works as a spy for North Korea, his bobbling exterior masks his trained killer instincts. Though he mistrusts the NSS, he discovers that they share a common opponent in IRIS.

Kim Yeong-Cheol featured as Baek San. He works as a former deputy director of the NSS. In the last season, it was also revealed that he is the boss of the Korean division of the underground organization IRIS.

Yoon Doo-Joon featured as Seo Hyun-woo he is a bright agent and a very confident man he is a man who can do everything he is very skilled and talented in shooting, martial arts, code-breaking, and he also knows foreign languages and his love interest is Soo-Yeon

Im Soo-Hyang featured as Kim Yeon-Hwa. She is featured as a young sister of Kim Seon- Hwa. Later she becomes a killer who must accomplish a Russian assassination to discover her sister who goes missing during an undertaking.

Will There Ever Be Iris Season 3?

Iris Season 3 Release Date

Iris season 3 is not announced yet first of all we have to wait for its renewal then we can expect the release date of season 3. Season one of the shows released in 2009 and season 2 released in 2013 after three years of the first one, but season 3 is not renewed yet from this we can also understand that it’s not confirmed we will get season 3 of the show. The journey of the show and its next instalment is not decided yet. Maybe we can get news about its renewal late in 2021.

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1 thought on “Iris Season 3 Release Date And What Could Happen Next?”

  1. K-dramas have some repetitive elements, some of them very good.
    Great technical quality, committed loves, scripts generally clean and orderly, beautiful women that make one sigh, open and indefinite endings leaving one the feeling that there is more and does not come.
    IRIS, seems to have broken the continuity barrier, but the end of the first season I believe without fear of being wrong after seeing many comments that it did not satisfy by killing the hero Kim Hyun Joon, or as the second season says ´´ the lion sleeps ´´, a phrase that goes a long way.
    This type of series has the potential to be a reference such as james bond, 007 or Ethan Hunt, in mission impossible, but here the protagonist is careful because this is the one who has managed to win the emotion, the applause and the identification of the public and something very important, achieves national identification, one with England, the other with the USA
    Kim Hyun Joon, has the same power. Starting the second season with another hero dressed in the qualities of the first, is a dangerous bet since he must win the affections that the first had and save the dissatisfaction not only of a failed and doubtful love since it is not clear if Seung Hee al end puts his loyalty to IRIS above his love, or is he a victim of IRIS, than to the interpretation and a loose wire in the plot.
    I think the second season is like a train that is hit by cars, they are independent even though they are pulled by the locomotive, a shame about the lack of continuity in the U.S.A or England style.
    Iris III, again is a car, attached to the train. I believe that whoever writes this does not have, in my humble opinion, clarity between ´´together´´ and ´´unanimous´´, and I think that the screenwriter has chosen together, not unanimous, but the existence of James Bond and Ethan Hunt, is that they are unanimous, not just together.


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