Mr Sunshine Season 2 Release Date Seems Cancelled!

South Korean dramas are winning hearts all over the world. Not only the romantic series are being popular but the historical genre is now attracting viewers as well. We often remember how love used to be in the earlier times and its purity was much beyond what we see today. Mr. Sunshine is one of those historical dramas that has romance and melodrama. For lovers of historical series, this is a must-watch. However, this K-drama is known to be one of the highest-rated series.

Created by Jinnie Choi, the show has received several positive reviews and is a critically acclaimed TV series. Mr. Sunshine has wrapped up all its episodes two years back and now the fans are desperately waiting for the updates regarding Mr. Sunshine season 2 release date, cast, plot expectations, and much more. Here, we have provided all the possible details about it.

Mr Sunshine Season 2 Release Date

Mr Sunshine

This series dropped its first episode on 7th July 2018 on tvN. Further, the concluding episode premiered on 30th September 2018. For the people outside the country, Mr sunshine was made available on Netflix soon. it was not only available in the Korean language but was released in Japanese and English language too. The story took 24 episodes to wrap itself up.

Talking about its second season, as far as we’re concerned, season 2 seems to be canceled to a high extent. Although the first season was able to please the critics it faced criticism as they believed the historical facts were inaccurate. Mr. Sunshine season 2 release date is uncertain at the moment. Season 1 went well, and hence, neither the creators nor the actors have provided any hint that can lead us to season 2.

On the other hand, the streaming partner Netflix didn’t say a word about it. This means that the confirmation about the happening of Mr. Sunshine season 2 is not near. This can be disappointing for the fans. But there’s still hope as no official confirmation or statement has been made from the side of creators or Netflix for the cancellation of Mr. Sunshine season 2.

Even though the chances are low, you should not be sad. If the series is renewed and as soon as season 2 gets a green light, we will let you know and update this section.

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Mr Sunshine Season 2 Cast

The first season had many recurring roles that were played by many actors. However, the central characters include Lee Byung-hun as Choi Yoo-Jin and Kim Tae-Ri as Go Ae-shin. Lee Byung-hun has been into Hollywood films and is also known for the significant roles in many Korean series such as Inside Man and A Bittersweet Life. Kim Tae-Ri has been a part of famous films like The Handmaiden and Space Sweepers.

Further, Yoo Yeon-Seok has played the role of Ishida Sho. This actor is famous for his roles in Hospital Playlist, Reply 1994, and Dr. Romantic. In addition to them, Kim Min-jung and Byun Yo-han joined this series by playing the role of Lee-Yang-Hwa and Kim Hui-Seong, respectively. Mr. Sunshine season 2 can have the same lead characters that can reprise their roles while we can also have many new faces that can play the part of recurring characters.

Mr Sunshine Season 2 Story

Mr Sunshine Season 2 Release Date
Mr Sunshine Season 2 Release Date

The story in season 1 was centralized on Choi Yoo-jin. His parents were murdered and he escaped to the United States. Choi Yoo-jin took birth in slavery. Because of a mission, he returns to Joseon as a captain of the US Marine Corps. Here he falls in love with Go Ae-shin. Both of them belong to different classes, and hence, they face many challenges. Ishida Sho is the important character of all. He also flees from Joseon but he went to Japan and returned after becoming a samurai. When he was young, Go Ae-shin help him once.

This has made him grow affection towards her. On the other hand, Kim Hui-Seong is Go Ae-shin’s fiance and starts falling for her. Mr. Sunshine’s season 2 can have another historical story since the first season went well and didn’t leave behind any cliffhanger. The future installment can have a different engaging plot.

Mr Sunshine Season 2 Trailer

One cannot feel bored even if he or she watches the same South Korean series twice or thrice. Head on to Netflix to watch all the episodes of the first season until the trailer for season 2 drops in. Refresh your memories and go through this historical journey once again. The trailer for the next installment is yet to be released, and most importantly, the trailer is very uncertain for now.

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