Black Lagoon Season 4 Release Date And Plot Expectations!

Black Lagoon is a famous manga series adapted and a remake of Rei Hiro anime. Black Lagoon direction was done by Sunao Katabuchi and Madhouse produced it. It consisted of the first two parts premiered on television and the third part in video format. The first and second season was compiled in twelve episodes each. The first season’s name was The Black Lagoon and the second season was titled Black Lagoon: the second barrage. Then the OVA series which was titled Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail was premiered with a total of 5 episodes. These series revolve around a Japanese businessman Rokuro Rock Okajima. He joins a lagoon group in the series first. In this article, we have covered everything regarding the Black Lagoon Season 4 release date and other updates. Fans are eagerly waiting for the last seven years. This series English version earned much more appreciation than the original Japanese version.

black lagoon season 4 plot

Black Lagoon Season 4 Release Date

This series achieved so many fans around the globe and the response was totally unexpected. Though there were some points where animation was not up to the mark and was quite irritating too. But besides all these flaws the series was awesome which was the reason people liked the show so much. As of now after the first two season and third season in an OVA format was released earlier and gained so much popularity But as of now there are no official updates regarding season 4 renewal.

It has been seven years till now but the excitement for 4th season didn’t end up and fans are eager to know the release updates as soon as possible and are hoping for the best. And before makers will think about the season 4 renewal Rei Hiroe started to need to wrote volume 12 so that Black lagoon can be continued.

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Black Lagoon Season 4 Plot Expectations

Well, this series revolves around the life of a businessman Rokurou Okajima. He got actually bored of his huge wealth and list excitement in his business Somewhere the spark fades away. Now the twist comes when he once went to Roanapur in Thailand and a gangster team Black Lagoon kidnapped him . The reason behind his kidnapping was there some old stuff regarding the business with Okajima. But soon Rokurou Okajima found interests in the underworld and criminal work and want to explore more as he got bore by his business life. Now he started exploring this criminal life more.

The first season of Black Lagoon was released in 2002. Now what is more interesting to know is that there is enough content for the renewal of season 4 and the writer has written 11 novels with 100 episodes featured. Also, the first three seasons follow the story toll 9 pm. So the fourth season will cover the rest volume.

black lagoon season 4 trailer

Black Lagoon Season 4 Trailer Expectations

As there are no official words regarding the release date so till then there is no trailer or teaser information confirmed. As soon as the official updates will be out we will update this section part. You can watch the old seasons on Netflix.

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