Dragon Pilot Season 2 Release Date and Expected Plot!

Dragon Pilot is an action anime Japanese TV series and the genre is Aerial warfare. The series is animated and generated by a Japanese anime studio – ‘Bones‘. It was directed and written by Hiroshi Kobayashi, and Mari Okada. Its original character was designed by Toshinao Aoki and the music was composed by Taisei Iwasaki. Dragon Pilot is recognized for its beginning and ending songs. Dragon Pilot season 1 popularity inspired Netflix to license it for domestic and international streaming, and the release of the series on 25 September 2018. Since then, the audience of the show has been expecting news on season two.

Dragon Pilot Season 2 Release Date

In Japan Dragon Pilot season one was premiered on 13 April 2018 and ended on 29 June 2018. Though a year has passed since then, there has been no information about the Japan Dragon Pilot season 2 release date. Yet, there is no reason to be worried just also as there is plenty of time to announce the renewal.

Furthermore, the point that the anime show also generated a manga series is a testament to its popularity, and if things go well, Dragon Pilot: Hisone and Masotan should be renewed for a second season. Our best guess is that the Dragon Pilot Season 2 release date could come in 2021. We are keeping wait for the news related to Dragon Pilot Season 2.

Dragon Pilot Season 2 Story

The series based on the story of a rookie pilot named Hisone Amakasu as a pilot with the Air Self-Defence Force of Japan. Having had difficulty keeping social relations owing to her blunt and straightforward nature, Hisone Amakasu had joined the Air Self-Defence Force of Japan in a bid to distance herself from others and become the role of something bigger than herself. Although Hisone’s motive for being part Air Self-Defence Force of Japan was a rather selfish one, a major turning point in her life occurs when an OTF (organically transformed flyer) – dragons in military armor – chooses her as their pilot.

The dragon, recognized as Masotan, chooses Hisone as its pilot, heading to Hisone finding that she was fate to become a dragon pilot. As Hisone takes to the skies with Masotan, she learns that all her life was ended at this moment and that she and Masotan are destined for incredible things that will convert the future of the world. As of right now, there is no information about the renewal of Dragon Pilot so we have no clue about the plot.

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Dragon Pilot Season 2 Characters

In Dragon Pilot Season one contains a lot of members in the show and a bunch of them in lead. Hisone Amakasu is the central character of the series, who is a rookie pilot with the Air Self-Defence Force of Japan and posted at the Gifu Air Base. It turns out that she has a habit of speaking her mind regardless of others, and this habit of hers makes her seem too harsh most of the time.

Masotan is a dragon, lives in the Gifu Air Base. Masotan selects Hisone as its pilot after refusing many pilots before her. Hisone originally names it Ootfu but moves to call it Masotan after she finds its real name. Masotan has a long tail and huge wings and likes to eat minor metals. Masotan also seems to be greatly scared of strangers. Elle’s dragon, Norma who originally rejects to provide it a name beyond the technical explanation of an aircraft, names the dragon Norma after getting connected to it. Norma has a strong body and an incredibly long tail and can seem to be terrifyingly cunning at times.

Other characters include Nao Kaizaki as a cadet at the Gifu Air Base and Japan Air Self-Defence Force third-class Airman. Elle Hoshino as a Senior Master Sergeant. Lilico Kinutsugai and Mayumi Hitomi both are the Technical Sergeant with the Japan Air Self-Defence Force. Also, Lilico is a dragon pilot from the Misawa Air Base in Aomori and Mayumi a dragon pilot from the Iruma Air Base in Saitama Prefecture. If seaseon 2 will come we expected the same characters but presentiy we are not sure.

Dragon Pilot Season 2 Trailer

Currently, there is no trailer for the new season of Dragon Pilot. For those who love seeing anime shows in the English language, the big news is that Dragon Pilot: Hisone and Masotan have a tremendous English dub that was authorized by Netflix. If you like to see the show in English, you can discover dubbed episodes on Netflix.

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