The Guest Season 2 Release Date Updates and Cast Details!

The Guest Season 2 Release Date
The Guest Season 2 Release Date

Whenever you will try to find out the reason behind the popularity of South Korean dramas all over the world, the most common answer that you would go through will be the romantic story and the chemistry between the lead characters. But several other genres are worth watching. Despite the romantic series, South Korean dramas and series also explore many different genres.

If you want a break from watching romantic shows, then you should go for The Guest. This TV series has garnered good ratings and the story was engaging as well. The Guest is full of drama, thrill, horror, and mystery. It covers a story that includes the practice of exorcism and shamanism. After the first season, spectators are in wait for The Guest season 2 release date, plot expectations, and cast details. So, here we have posted updates about the show.

The Guest Season 2 Release Date

The Guest Season 2 Plot
The Guest Season 2 Release Date

The first season premiered on OCN. The first episode was dropped on 12th September 2018 while the concluding episode was released on 1st November 2018. The entire story took 16 episodes to land on to the climax. The running time was about 60 minutes. It’s been almost three years since the first season aired on OCN. Even after the gap of these years, we hear no news about the happening of The Guest season 2.

This indicates that the chances for this Korean series to return is less and it might happen that the creators are not planning to renew it shortly. This can be very disappointing for the fans. Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger and this increases the possibility of the positive and hopeful return of season 2. The story also provides a scope for future installments but the creators haven’t dropped any updates about it yet.

Even though the ratings are satisfactory and the story left behind a major cliffhanger, we don’t see the Guest season 2 getting a green buzzer very soon. Therefore, the second season is not likely to drop in the near future. However, neither there is any official confirmation regarding the cancellation of the series nor they have uttered any word about The Guest season 2. Hence, in this position, there is nothing clear. If any update drops in, we will update the section and let you know.

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Where to Watch The Guest Season 2?

Once, we get the details of the release date of the future installment, we will let you know about the platforms on which it will be available for you all to binge-watch. However, if you want to refresh your memories, head on to Netflix to watch the first season of this South Korean TV series.

The Guest Season 2 Cast

The Guest Season 2 Release Date
The Guest Season 2 Cast
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This thriller series has three main characters. Kim Dong-Wook is playing the role of Yoon Hwa-pyung. He is a shaman born with psychic powers. Further, the list of the cast includes Kim Jae-Wook and Jung Eun-Chae as Choi Yoon and Kang Gil-young prospectively. Choi Yoon is a priest and an exorcist while the latter is a detective who does not believes in the supernatural.

Apart from these characters, there are several other people who are a part of the show and appeared in recurring roles. Overall the entire cast consisted of talented people. The Guest season 2 can have the star cast back and they can reprise their respective roles. Moreover, we can also have new faces in several other characters.

The Guest Season 2 Plot

The story in the first season took place two decades before when Yoon Hwa-pyung was born with psychic powers. He gets to know about a powerful demon called Sohn, in other words, Guest. This demon has many powers and these powerful efforts are used to affect other people. This demon targets weak people and then they start killing their own family members

. After twenty years, the demon has started influencing people, and therefore, that situation started again. All the three main characters meet and plan according to the situation to win against Sohn.
In the second season, we might witness the story from where it left off in season 1. We also expect the creators to provide an answer to the major cliffhanger that is still prevailing among the audience.

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