Tips To Fix Wireless Earphones Whose One Side Doesn’t Work

Smartphone design and technology are evolving at a very fast pace for the last few years and many companies are adding and removing so many things, sometimes unnecessary, from their flagship smartphones, something different to users. Just like Apple’s iPhone, nowadays many other major flagship smartphones lack a headphone jack, and thus Bluetooth earphones are becoming more and more popular than ever. And just like wired earphones, Bluetooth earphones have their share of issues. Among them, the most annoying quirk is when one side of Bluetooth earphones doesn’t work. Here, below we will answer the question, How To Fix Wireless Earphones Whose One Side Doesn’t Work?

How To Fix Wireless Earphones Whose One Side Doesn’t Work?

To fix wireless earphones or Bluetooth earbuds whose one side does not work simply by rebooting your Bluetooth earbuds. Now, if it does not solve the issue then resetting its re-pairing and Bluetooth settings is your next step. If unluckily, that doesn’t work too, then it’s time to check your smartphone’s settings to ensure that the headphone settings are not too mono. If it is on mono then change is immediate as the mono track plays only one side in any headphone, earbud or speaker. 

Unfortunately, if any above tips are not working for you then it is time to get a little deep into the solution. To start with, it is important to ensure that whether the problem is in the Bluetooth earphones or in the media device with which your wireless earphones are connected. To do the same, disconnect your earbuds from the connected media device and connect them to other media devices. If the problem pertains to changing the media device, the problem is in your earbuds. 

How To Fix Wireless Earphones Whose One Side Doesn’t Work

First Troubleshoot & Narrow Down The Problem

Before you get impatient and start pressing buttons and changing settings aimlessly, see if you can find the source of the problem. Sure, it could be your wireless earphones, but there are chances that it could be your smartphone or even the application you are using to play music. Disconnect your earbuds from the connected phone and connect it to another phone and see if they work any better because some smartphones require different settings to work with wireless earphones.

You can also try wired earphones or if you have another pair of earbuds then you can try them. Because if you can determine the root of the problem then you get a better vision of where to focus and put efforts to troubleshoot the problem. 

Solution to How To Fix Wireless Earphones Whose One Side Doesn’t Work Issue

Solution to How To Fix Wireless Earphones

Reconnect the earbuds to each other. 

In true wireless earbuds, when you connect them to your mobile phone that time one out of two earbuds get paired with the mobile phone and after that two earbuds get connected mutually. And sometimes they lose the second connection and thus audio comes from the one earbud only. So, if something like this happens then reboots your earbuds by putting them into their case  (if they have) and wait for 10-15 seconds and then try again. By doing this both the earbuds get another chance to locate each other and reclaim the parent-child relationship between the left and right earbuds.

Re-pair the earbuds. 

As we mentioned above, all the wireless earphones have particular pairing methods for single bud listening, and it is possible that you accidentally paired the other secondary bud on its own with the primary one. So, try un-pairing and pair them again. Moreover, some wireless earphones also have fail-safe hard reset mode if you still can not get them paired then check the manual to know what is recommended in this situation. 

Check If It’s On Mono Setting

Check your smartphone’s settings to ensure that the headphone settings are not too mono. If it is on mono then change is immediate as the mono track plays only one side in any headphone, earbud or speaker. Making you think that they are broken you may unknowingly throw away your pair of earbuds that are perfectly fine.  

Look For Broken Wires

If you try the above three and your earbuds are completely charged and there is still only one earbud working then it may be possible that there is some internal problem like broken wires. To do this, it is super easy if you have a technical background and have some good experience with tools, otherwise, you have to visit any nearby technician. Now, open the Bluetooth device, remove the case and using a soldering iron reconnect the broken wire. Now put together all the parts and check whether they are working or not.

Make The Most Of Your Warranty

Almost all the premium wireless earphones or earbuds, precisely the expensive ones, come with a 6 to 12-month long warranty. Luckily, if your earbuds start behaving oddly and malfunction within that warranty period then is it a wise decision to take benefits of this and get a replacement. No matter how good you are with fixing electronic gadgets and any attempt of yours in fixing those earbuds could affect the warranty and any further damage can make you ineligible to apply for a replacement. And ultimately you will be stuck with a broken pair of earbuds.


Mono Setting

  • For those who are an audiophile, listen to podcasts and kinds of music daily, for them, earbuds are a prized possession. You would want these earbuds by your side every time as you can need them anytime.
  • So they should take some steps before your buds get damaged. Being small and wireless, earbuds are delicate from the inside. No matter how much a company shows they are heavy duty and good for rough and tough use, they are not. And maximum time, issues occur because of your own rough and careless handling of earbuds.
  • Below there are some tips following which your earbud pair last long:
  • When they are not in your ears, keep them in their case always to avoid any unnecessary rupture.
  • For charging always use the cable that comes with it and not any incompatible cables. These cables are designed according to the required amperes and voltage of earbuds. Also, never overcharge them.
  • Took care of them and cleaned them frequently, particularly the casing on the speaker to avoid any accumulation of dirt and earwax into the speakers.
  • Never compromise with the quality, invest in quality earbuds from a renowned company as some local company uses cheap quality components. And if quality earbuds are going out of your budget then go for some wired earphones as you have to use them for yourself and not to impress others.

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When will I need to buy new earbuds?

How To Fix Wireless Earphones Whose One Side Doesn’t Work

It is sad, but every electronic gadget has a time when they are completely broken down and no one can fix them. And your earbuds are also one of those electronic gadgets. However, if they are cheap pairs of earbuds from some local company then replacing them with a new pair is not a problem. But if you have spent pretty good on them then it is really difficult and frustrating to replace them. If it has been only one year since you purchased them, then it would be good that you contact the manufacturer and ask for their advice. And if it’s already more than a year, then you just have to accept the fact that the lifespan of most earphones is just one year.

Hints that now it’s time to get a new pair of wireless earphones or earbuds include distortion or degradation in sound quality. If you start hearing crackling or hiss noises, you have to say goodbye to them. Another hint is the weak Bluetooth connectivity. As compared to earlier, if you struggle a lot to connect earbuds with your device and they become very unstable and unreliable with Bluetooth then it’s time.

Another sign your earbuds are taking their last breath is how long the battery is lasting. If they are getting discharged and dying every few hours and taking more time to charge than earlier then you should upgrade yourself with a new pair.

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