Erased Season 2 Release Date And Plot Explained!

The anime Erased had a lot of people hooked onto itself, Even today you can find people explaining how the anime’s ending was something un-explainable. The various perspective a writer has can be seen in this incredible manga series, where there is thrill action, and emotion can be felt watching every episode of the show. In a short timed 12 episode, the show is a must-watch to every anime enthusiast. Time- travel is something that has been loved by the audience for a long time and talking about the anime Erased, you will see that happening in every episode, and not only this you will also understand how brutal this world can be.

If you are an anime lover you might wonder when could Erased Season 2 Release Date might come and that’s why we got you covered.

Erased Anime Recap

Erased Season 2 Release Date

Saturo Fujinuma the 18-year-old pizza delivery guy can be seen driving his bike and suddenly his supernatural abilities are revealed. Whenever there is a catastrophic situation that ponders around him he is suddenly pushed back into time to stop it from happening. One day things take a steep turn and while he had his revivals the events kept turning in a way that one day his mother was murdered. Earlier sotaru used to have revivals or time pushback only for a few minutes but this time however he landed back 18 years ago which made him stuck in his elementary school that too in an 8-year body.

He realizes that his powers have pushed him back in the past to rectify the things and to save his mother, but when he reaches his classroom he realizes that it’s not his mother he has to save, in fact, Hinazuki was the one who needed to be saved. Back in elementary school, he remembered how Hinazuki was murdered by a psychopath who was never caught.

The story begins from here when he had to behave like a school kid and do various things for an 8-year-old just to save the girl. While in reality when he was a kid he didn’t have any friends and he grew up in the same way as an introvert but now his conscience was of 18 years and the body of 8. He understood what was important in life and he started to make friends and tried to do friendship with Hinazuki.

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Erased Season 1 Ending Explained

Hinzauki was too an introvert thus Saturo understood how a kid who has been isolated all the time has to live, He somehow manages to become her friend, He calls all his friends to his house for the birthday party, and leaves his introverted identity behind. Hinzauki had a very bad situation going on as her mother was a bitch, who always stayed high and assaulted her own kid, She didn’t have anything good to eat at home. That was the reason she was a loner and couldn’t make friends.

Slowly nature keeps planning and executing various things to help her friend and in the end, it is revealed that the School Teacher was the Culprit who used to abduct kids from various places. As Saturn saw candies in his Car he understood he was the one. He managed to save Hinazuki from the assaults she had faced and died in the earlier life. The teacher was killed too drowning in a frozen lake along with Saturo but he somehow managed to stay alive.

This is the basic overview which the audience had known, but there is more to the story that has been kept unveiled yet.

Erased Season 2 Release Date

Erased Season 2 Release Date

The 12 episode Anime began in 2012 and ended in 2016 it’s been a time span of 5 years but a few know about the spin-off novel which portrayed the murderer’s afterlife and Saturo’s life as he became a manga writer and his Shonen got selected at the last as well to be transformed into an anime

The show has been adapted on Netflix recently and the movie based on the same story too has been launched, As the show gathers more fans it is highly possible for the makers to write the story further and to make a show on the spin-off novel Erased as well. There is a lot of potential in the Anime and can be seen further in the future, As of now there are no announcements and if there was one it will surely be finished before 2023. Two years will be needed to finish the anime for its season 2.

It’s been 5 years since the anime jumped out globally and yet people are having a different space for erased in their hearts. I can never forget Hinzauki speaking out the name “Saturo” from her innocent face and the brutal life that she might have faced if Saturo wouldn’t have saved her.

You can binge watch season 1 on Crunchyroll.

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