Maken-Ki Season 3 Release Date: Will it Happen?

Maken-Ki is a Japanese anime series based on harem action. It was followed by a manga series of the same title by Hiromitsu Takeda. Studio Xebec and AIC together force to create the anime series. It was directed by Koichi Ohata and written by Yōsuke Kuroda. Otakus around the world have been expecting the release of Maken-ki Season 3 for over seven years. Despite the huge demand for the following installment, the authorities did not provide any updates to the fans. Watchers who love seeing the ecchi harem show drop in love with it and now they are wanted to watch more.

If compare Maken Ki Season one with another particular Ecchi series, amazed to watch the amount of depth it carries. But unfortunately, Season two treads the exact old way of needless awkward fanservice and breast-gags. There is nothing extraordinary about it and its story carries a lot of abilities but somewhere, it just moves a bit with its unnecessarily cheap thrills.

Will Anime Series Maken-Ki return for Season 3?

After a great start, the anime series became a bit dull and lost its fine touch. It’s rating on MAL also came down to 6.17. Criticism and a poorly received reception could be the main reason behind the delay in the next season of the anime. Last year, the manga series was concluded, meaning that the third season now has nothing to promote. The ending of the manga reduced Maken-Season 3’s chances to zero. However, if a renewal ever comes, we will update this section.

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Maken-Ki Season 3 Release Date –

Maken-Ki season one was released on 5 October 2011 and contains 12 episodes, it finished on 21 December 2011. This was then shown 2-episode OVA which premiered from 1 March 2012 to 25 September 2013. The series season 2 released on 16 January 2014 and end on 29 March 2014. For the most aspect, ‘Maken-ki’ is only a generic Ecchi anime that gives nothing special. For the most part, Maken-ki is just a generic ecchi anime that offers nothing specific. Nevertheless, soon after its release, it gained much popularity. Considering its style, the first season was well-liked by most fans, but due to its lack of originality, Season 2 was thrust through. Watch seaseon one and two on Crunchyroll and Animeron.

Even after this, several diehard fans of the show assumed that it would come back with a season 3. In 2016, there were buzzes that their renewable is already in a generation, unfortunately, maybe because of lack of budgets, it was never premiered. Since no official word has come about it yet, not much can be said about its renovation. But assuming the producers are considering a comeback soon, we can expect that Maken-Ki Season 3 release date will be come any time by 2021.

What will be the expected plot of Maken-Ki Season 3?

Maken-ki is about the misunderstanding of a young boy named Takeru Ohyama, whose deformed dreams arrive true when he meets the only male student in his recent high school. Without the hassle of writing an entrance exam, he gets along easily but to his dismay, not everything is as simple as it initially seemed. All the students of this new school have a special item called Maken. Each maken has unique magical abilities and allows the rightful owner to use them during duets. Takeru will now have to find his Maken and at the same time, he will also have to learn to adapt to his entire new environment.

The second season revolves around the boy’s failures in high school, where he becomes part of the newly formed Security Committee. Along with his team of other Maken holders, he fights those who use his Maken for evil deeds. Meanwhile, as he slowly begins to mold into the world around him, his relationships with his girls become even more complicated. About Maken-ki Season 3 release date, currently, there is no official information after its announcement of it we will know the plot.

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Maken-Ki Season 3 Characters: Who can be in it?

The series season 2 includes Takeru Ooyama voiced by Ian Sinclair, Haruko Amaya voiced by Monica Rial, Inaho Kushiya voiced by Tia Ballard, Kodama Himegami voiced by Elizabeth Maxwell and others.

Takeru Ooyama –

At the Academy, Takeru is a new student who further becomes a leading factor of the Student Council Security Division. Originally, when he joins the academy, he carries no previous knowledge about its curriculum. But after going there, he knows that it is an all-girls school where each occupies magical skills. He is supportive and kind to the people around him and has a very distorted mind. He hates the whole idea of ​​having a duel with his school girls after learning that his mother died in a duel. But later, he tries to cope with the insecurities of his past and is frightened by the dueling of women.

Haruko Amaya –

Haruko is one of the central protagonists of the show. At the academy, she is a sophomore student and after becomes the vice-president of the recently establish Student Council Security Division. She is a childhood friend of Takeru and is realized to be one of the powerful maidens in the school. She later starts liking Takeru which causes intense rivalry between her and the other girls. Haruko is quite popular and most of the students praise him for his kindness. Despite being powerful, she is humble about her abilities and instead of boasting about herself, she usually honors others.

After being elected as the Vice President of the Security Division, she takes it upon herself to maintain rule in her environment. She has a very powerful understanding of justice and obeys a particular set of ethics and morals. She is a pacifist even after knowing that she can easily defeat most of her opponents. But all her maturity goes away when she talks about anything related to relationships. After falling for Takeru, she becomes a typical tsundere girl, who works all over him and even fights with people who try to flirt with her. But she never really confesses her true feelings to him and even Takeru never realizes how much she likes him.

Review of the previous season of Maken-ki –

Overall if you wish a good laugh, not easily degraded, and remember that a show might is not carried seriously this one is for you. The voice acting is wonderful in both Japanese and English dub. The animation is great with more shots of lover service. There are some private messages and themes to deliver attention to once you look beyond the jokes. The show is smart, enjoyable, and gives a good time. 

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