Is True Beauty Season 2 Release Date On The Way?

It would not be wrong to declare South Korea to declare as the dream destination of those teenagers who are fascinated about watching k- dramas. Mostly, the Indian girls are having crushes on many of the South Korean actors. K-dramas are favorite of all time for many people, and therefore, they never get fed up with it. One such drama that is considered the best of all time is True Beauty. This TV series left the fans heartbroken when it ended. True Beauty is about a girl who is always bullied by other students at the school because they consider her ugly. This k-drama was a huge success and was appreciated globally. It not only attracted the viewers of South Korea but also, the people from different parts of the world who gave positive responses. Recently, the last episode was dropped before the fans. Hence, to crave for information about True Beauty season 2 and its release date is quite natural. Here, we have everything that we know about it.

True Beauty Season 2 Release Date: Will True Beauty Season 2 Release on Netflix?

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Last year on 9th December, the first episode was aired on tvN and Rakuten Viki. True Beauty released its last and concluding episode on 4th February 2021. This concluding episode left the fans in tears as it was the day when one of their favorite k-dramas had a beautiful ending. The episodes were released every Wednesday and Thursday since their first release. All 16 episodes are of nearly an hour. Unfortunately, if you are planning to search True Beauty on Netflix then stop right now. Presently, Netflix is not planning to add this k-drama to their library.

However, there is an OTT platform available for you all too to watch this Korean series. Here, we are hinting towards Rakuten Viki. It is a free platform but some of the shows are in the premium category.
Since, neither the show has been renewed nor any official statement has been dropped yet, True Beauty season 2 is still under consideration. However, looking at the positive reviews and the appreciation it gained, it is expected that the second season might come up soon. If it gets green burger true beauty season 2 might release sometime around mid-2022.

True Beauty Season 2 Cast: Who Will Be Returning?

 true beauty season 2 release date

In the first season, the three main characters who were involved in a love triangle are Lim Ju-Kyung, played by Moon Ga-Young, Lee Su-Ho, acted by Cha Eun-Woo, and Han Seo-Jun, played by Hwang In-Yeop. Lim Ju-Kyung was not treated well in school because of her looks that were considered ugly by the classmates. Lee Su-ho is her classmate at the new school who gradually falls in love with her. Han Seo-Jun is Su-Ho’s friend who maintained a distance from him because of a tragic accident that happened in the past. He also starts falling for Lim Ju-Kyung, and hence, the show has a love triangle.

Other characters involved are Kang Su-Jin and Choi Soo-Ah who used to be best friends. Both these characters are portrayed by Park Yoo-Na and Kang Min-ah respectively. The lead actress had a younger brother, Lim Ju-young (Kim Mingi), and an elder sister, Im Hee-Kyung (Im Se-mi). Oh Eui-Shik is playing the role of Ju-Kyung’s teacher who at the end of the series gets married to her elder sister. Apart from all these actors, True Beauty consists of many more personalities who very well acted their part and contributed to the series. If True Beauty season 2 is announced most of the characters are likely to reprise their roles. Moreover, few more characters can join the show.

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True Beauty Season 1 Recap and Ending Explained

 true beauty season 2 release date

Lim Ju-Kyung is bullied at her school by other students. She was always made to run to the canteen for buying food. All this mess made her learn makeup through the videos. The next day, when she was wearing makeup and went to school, all the students made fun of her as she didn’t put the makeup correctly. Frustrated off all, she began crying and left the school. At her new school, she was admired because of the adorable looks that she gained because of the makeup. Hence, she was always cautious of her real identity and carried makeup stuff in her bag. Because of her good looks and beautiful face, all the students in her class, as well as the school, treated her like a princess.

Eventually, Lee Su-Ho finds about her truth and so her face without the makeup. Knowing this, Lim Ju-Kyung wanted him to keep this a secret and he did the same. Meanwhile, Han Seo-Jun enters the plot. He first meets Lim Ju-Kyung during a small road accident. Han Seo-Jun and Lee Su-ho share the tragic past. Their friend, Jung Se-Yeon, died because of the school bullies and he loved music. These three of the boys were best friends but Se-Yeon’s death tore them apart. Gradually, Lee Su-Ho and Han Seo-Jun started falling for Lim Ju-Kyung. But, she started liking Lee Su-ho and they started dating.

Did Lee Su-ho and Lim Ju-Kyung get separated?

There comes a twist when the people at school come to know about her truth that she has kept hidden for days. The person behind was one of her friends, Kang Su-Jin. She did this because she liked Su-ho as she knew for years and doesn’t want Ju-Kyung to come closer. But, he rejected her and then she went abroad. One day, when this couple was hanging out, a phone call made Lee Su-ho fly to America. This was hard for her girlfriend but he has to go as his father had serious and critical health conditions.

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After being in a long-distance relationship, there comes a break-up and there was no communication between them for almost a year. In this time, she and Han Seo-Jun got graduated. She always wanted to study makeup and make a career in that, and therefore, she was doing the same and worked hard for it. Meanwhile, Han Seo-Jun confesses his feelings and said that he liked her.

But his love story ended before it almost began as Lee Su-ho returned to South Korea and meets Lim Ju-Kyung accidentally. Both of them finally reunite and the last episode ends with the marriage ceremony of Im Hee-Kyung and Han Jun-Woo. Kang Su-Jin also returns and meets her friends at the marriage event. The entire family enjoys the event and Han Seo-Jun gives a stage performance by singing a song. The last scene has a happy ending with a kissing scene of the beautiful couple. One of the interesting things that make the series more romantic is the childhood friendship of both the central characters, Lim Ju-Kyung and Lee Su-Ho.

True Beauty Season 2 Plot

Since the first season ended with an expected event so there are chances for the second season to come up with a new story. However, it could also pick up from where it left off. True Beauty

True Beauty OST

OST stands for Original Sound Track. The series has lots of songs that can make you feel romantic and emotional. Some of the most known songs are Call Me Maybe, Happy Ending, Fall in You, I’m Missing You, and Milky Way. The songs are soulful to listen to. One can enjoy them by listening online or downloading them.

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