Is So Not Worth It Season 1 Release Date Finally Out?

So Not Worth It Season 1 Release Date: Are you also addicted to K-drama or Korean TV series? Well, it is very natural for the people. These shows have an amazing fan base even outside the borders of South Korea. People find these shows to be lovely, engaging, fascinating, and yet interesting. It provides the blend of action and romance, thrill and horror, at the same time. In terms of romantic stories that also have an enthralling climax, Korean dramas are best to watch.

Whenever any new South Korean TV series is announced for future release, fans go crazy and find themselves in a state of ebulliency. And therefore, we are here with the updates of an upcoming K-drama, So Not Worth It. Hence, this post will let you know everything about the So Not Worth It season 1 release date and more recent updates.

So Not Worth It Season 1 Release Date

So Not Worth It Season 1 Release Date
So Not Worth It Season 1 Release Date

This show is still to get a confirmed release date from the side of makers. However, expectations say that it would be dropping soon in 2021. So Not Worth It season 1 is likely to grab the viewer’s attention. Once the release date will be out, we will let you know about it. Also recognized as “I Want The World To End Tomorrow,” this South Korean drama is slated to release on one of the leading online streaming platforms, Netflix. Back in October 2020, the show was officially announced. Since then, fans are desperate for this TV series to be released. As there is an unexpected fan following of K-drama and such TV series, So Not Worth It is making the people wait for long.

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So Not Worth It Season 1 Plot

Like most South Korean dramas, this will also have romance and drama. It will revolve around a group of students living in the dormitory of a college. All of them come from different backgrounds. The young faces will face challenges, indulge in fights will make up at the end. It will keep you hooked up until it lands upon a climax. So Not Worth It is about love stories and friendship.

So Not Worth It Season 1 Cast

So Not Worth It Season 1 Release Date

  • Park Se-Wan: School 2017 fame actress, Park Se-Wan is the part of the show. She is in the role of Se-Wan, in charge of the dormitory. She will portray the character of an intelligent woman. This Korean actress was also seen in the romantic drama, I’m Not a Robot.
  • Shin Hyun-Seung: He will be one of the students from the USA. Also, this boy would be a newcomer and become a part of the dormitory. Shin Hyun-Seung is one of the protagonists of the entire story as Jamie. Till now, we don’t have any idea about his love interest in the series.
  • Choi Young-Jae: This actor is a multi-talented personality. He is not only a singer and songwriter but an actor too. On the screens, the name of this character is Sam who is a part of GOT7, a band in the dormitory. He is rich as his father is the president of a food chain.
  • Minnie: At the moment, we don’t know much about the character. She will be making her debut through So Not Worth It by playing the role of Minnie itself. Shiv belongs to Thailand but loves Korean dramas.
  • Han Hyun-Min: He has joined the cast as Hyun-Min. He is unable to enter the dormitory because of being a Korean.
  • Carson Cole Allen: It will be a little surprising for the people to know that Carson Allen is an American singer and a songwriter. We expect him to see as Se-Wan’s roommate in the series.

Is There Any Trailer for So Not Worth It Season 1?

There is no teaser or trailer out for this upcoming sitcom TV series yet. Once it gets the release date, you can expect the trailer to drop one month before the scheduled date of release. So, for now, we can only wait for the series to be released on Netflix sometime in 2021.

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