Use Google Rewards To Get CP For Free In CoD Mobile

Those who are also interested in PC gaming, know the game Call of Duty for sure. After its success on platforms like PC, PS, Xbox, and others, two years back, that is in 2019 Call of Duty: Mobile was launched for iOS and Android. CoD: Mobile is published by a US-based studio, Activision. In this article, you will get to know details regarding how to use Google Rewards To Get CP For Free In CoD Mobile.

CoD: Mobile has everything that you love in PUBG Mobile. You get a 5v5 Deathmatch, different multiplayer modes, a 100-player battle royale mode, and others. More than that you can customize your character, weapons with skins, and unlock different things. In short, we can say that CoD: Mobile is nothing but PUBG Mobile in different essences. With around 2GB of storage, this game runs well on all budget or average smartphones.

What is CP in Call of Duty: Mobile

Just like all the other games, CoD Mobile also offers so many limited editions or unique in-game outfits, skins and other rare items which can be purchased using CP. CP is the same for CoD Mobile as UC used to be for PUBG Mobile. CP is the virtual currency for CoD Mobile which is used to make in-app purchases.

However, no one gets CP for free as CPs are premium in their own sense, and players have to spend their money to purchase these CPs and not everyone can purchase them. And from my perspective, it is not at all wise to spend real cash to buy some virtual CPs which is a true sense has no value. 

So, it is good for you as well as for your pocket that somehow you will get CPs for free and many users also tried to do the same either by ethical ways (those which we are going to discuss in this article) or by unethical ways (like hacking or manipulating game algorithms). The second way is illegal by every means and responsible authorities can also file a case against you because it is against their policy too. So in this article, we will tell you about how you can get CPs for free.

Ways to get free CP in COD Mobile

Google Opinion Rewards

Coming from Google LLC, Google Opinion Rewards is one of those trusted applications that reward you. You can download Google Opinion Rewards from Google Play Store and to get started you just have to fill in basic information like name, age, and location. Based on your location and other details, the survey will be provided to you. 

You will be rewarded with Google Play Credits for attempting and filling those surveys. These Google Play Credits can be used to make any purchase within the Google Play Store to purchase CP in COD Mobile. When you earn decent credits by filling out surveys go ahead and purchase CPs.

However, the surveys are not available too often and depend on different factors, and thus earning credits from this method takes some time.

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Call Of Duty Mobile CP Giveaways

This is the third way to get CPs for free in Call Of Duty Mobile. CoD Mobile’s community is growing day by day and there are several YouTubers and Instagram pages that do CP and Battle Pass giveaways occasionally. Thus, it is good to participate in these giveaways to get some free CP. The only thing is you need to be very active, fast, and responsive because so many people participate in these giveaways. They ask you to do some tasks like promoting them on your IG and Facebook handles and things like this and select winners randomly so if you are lucky enough then you might win.

Besides, several streamers and YouTubers host custom rooms regularly. CP is kept as the prize and the winner will get those CP. This is a good way for those who play CoD Mobile seriously and are really good at it. Furthermore, you can also participate in the official and unofficial tournaments to win CP or even cash prizes.

Using GPT Apps

GPT apps in simple language are the apps that pay you in their respective credit points for doing different tasks. There are various tasks available to do and each task has a few points against them and when you complete that task points will be credited to the in-app wallet. Although different apps have different reward and payment systems, the theme remains the same. Once you earn enough points you can exchange them for Google Play Vouchers, Gift Cards and other things. 

Below there are few legit and promising GPT apps are mentioned using which you can earn good credit and exchange them for different Gift Cards and then use those for buying for CP in CoD Mobile.

1. SwagBucks

Use google rewards to get CP for free in COd Mobile

Swagbucks is one the trustworthy and most popular platforms to get paid for playing games. It is much more than a platform to pay for playing games online. As per the few reviews, Swagbucks has paid more than 150 million dollars to its users.

Along with playing games, you can also earn by surfing the web, taking surveys, and watching videos. You get points called “SwagBucks” as a reward. Also, few games help you to earn Swagbucks. When you register and join as a member you get free $10 in your Swagbucks account. You can use that money to participate in different gaming events only and win more SwagBucks by winning.

Now you have two options to utilize your SwagBucks: either you can redeem them for CPs in CoD Mobile, gift cards of the restaurant or retail stores. The other option is to exchange them for PayPal cash.

Another section in SwagBucks is “Pay-to-Play”. Here you will find a huge list of games having different slots that you can play online anytime, and when you pay $1 whether you win or lose you will get 18 bucks back for sure.


2. MistPlay

Use Google Rewards To Get CP For Free In CoD Mobile

MistPlay is an app currently available for android only that pays you for playing games on it. You can easily download the MistPlay app from Google’s Play Store and has a 4.1 rating.

On downloading the app, you’ll get a mix list that has new games such as Super Mario Run, Pokémon Go, Fruit Ninja, chess, Solitaire, Candy Crush Saga, Wordscapes, and dozens of others for you to play.

When you play the games and win, you will get points as rewards, and you can easily redeem those points for gift cards to Visa (i.e. cash), Amazon, video-game outlets such as Xbox and Nintendo, and iTunes.

MistPlay has an in-app chat feature with which you can interact with other users of MistPlay. There is a MistPlay leaderboard where you get ranked based on your skills. Besides, you can also earn points when you invite friends to download and play. Stay consistent to earn more as you will also get bonus points for your consistency too.


3. GSN Cash Games

GSN Cash Games

Just like the above three, GSN Cash Games is the most trustworthy gaming platform. The best thing about this platform is that GSN Cash Games is a part of the GSN Game Show that is owned by Sony Entertainment and AT&T Entertainment. You can earn up to $50 with this.

Previously, GSN Cash Games were known as WorldWinner and now is grown as a popular gaming platform on which you can rely to earn some extra bucks in your free time. There’s a big collection of paying games, and consist games from almost every category ranging from action games to cards game, shooting games to puzzle game and more. You will discover various gaming tournaments that cost only a few bucks to participate in, but if you win the tournament then you can get up to $50.

Each year GSN pays a huge amount to winners, and there are more than a million users that are using this site to earn while playing games. So, why are you waiting? Join GSN Cash Games now.


4. InboxDollars


InboxDollars is one of the popular and trustworthy reward platforms from which you can earn extra cash by doing various tasks including playing games. Founded in 2001, and in just 18 years InboxDollars has paid more than 50 million dollars to its users which proves its trustworthiness and you can invest your precious time in it.

However, InboxDollars offer GSN Cash Games and allow you to earn by the games that are based on GSN. Moreover, for every dollar you spend through the GSN network you will get cashback.

When you register and join as a member you get free $5 in your InboxDollars account. Along with playing games you can also earn for taking surveys, entering contests, performing web searches (they have their search engine like Google), and shopping online or redeeming coupons. You will cash out once you reach $40. Inbox Dollars has tie-ups with some big companies, and they have a reputation of paying everyone without any delay.


5. Bingo Zone!

Bingo Zone

You must have played bingo at least once in your life as it is a very popular game. Do you love Bingo? Thus Gamesville created a Bingo Zone for people who like to play bingo. The best part about Bingo Zone is you can also earn money by playing it anytime and anywhere. 

With the Bingo Zone, you don’t have to visit Bingo Hall every time. It offers different types of Bingo games on its platform so it never becomes monotonous.

In the beginning, you will start earning money by $1, and this amount keeps increasing with every round until someone wins the game. Continuous Bingo rounds are available there so that you don’t have to wait, just click on any of them and start playing.

Besides, the paid version Bingo Zone also offers Bingo games free to play with your friends, and you will get paid at a minimum balance of $1.


6. Lucktastic


Available for both Android and iPhone, Lucktastic is free to download scratch card apps. However, it is available for people living in the United States.

Every Time before starting scratching a card it is mandatory to watch a few advertisements.

Some scratch cards reward you with real cash and the remaining rewards you with tokens. But just like physical lottery tickets, there is no surety that you will win for sure.

Daily rewards can be earned by referring friends, scratching cards, and by entering content to earn tokens. Also, surveys to attempt and additional ads you can watch to earn more.

Earned cash can be withdrawn easily with Dwolla, Visa, AMEX, check by mail, or gift cards from Amazon and others. Also, tokens can be redeemed in exchange for gift cards to lots of different places such as restaurants, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, and more.


7. Boodle

Use Google Rewards To Get CP For Free In CoD Mobile

Boodle is a free android app with which you can earn rewards on playing games. Every time you try a new game or apps you get coins. Moreover, you can earn coins by other activities like completing surveys, answering questions, and referring friends.

You can exchange these coins for gift cards to popular retailers such as Burger King, Nike, Amazon, and more.


The Bottom Line

Here we discussed a few methods and apps using which you can get CP for free and these take a few times to earn CP and it is pretty obvious if you are not investing your money then you have to invest something else. Also, there are other illegal ways too to get CP for free, but you can be stuck in big problems if you choose those methods. Also, all the above apps are not tested by our team, and reviews are purely based on reviews available on the web. If there are any other legal ways to earn CP for free in CoD Mobile then let us know in our comment section. 

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