How to inspect element on android without a computer- Here’s the answer

The android operating system has been very popular and most commonly used the operating system that has been used by most of the populations of the world. Inspecting elements for Pc users are simple with the help of their web browser. The question might arise in the minds of beginners about what is Inspect element? So, here’s the answer Inspect element is a very useful tool that normally found in web browsers. Inspect element can help the user to know the basic code that has made done to build the current page. Basic code means the user can see the image source, basic JavaScript code that has been used to build the page, fonts, and colors that have been used in the page, and HTML code. Let’s get into the depth of How to inspect elements on android without a computer.

Need to know:

• Benefits of Inspect element.
• Why do Android device’s browsers do not have the inspect element option?
• How to inspect elements on android without a computer?

Benefits of Inspect Element

How to inspect element on android without a computer

The main benefit of Inspect element is you can change the view or appearance of the webpage on your device. Apart from this benefit, inspect elements is quite useful if you want to see the design of the website or you can see what type of fonts and colors have been seen used to build the current webpage or website.
Many the people use inspect element option just for the fun. For example: on an Instagram profile page, you can use the inspect element to replace the profile picture of your friend’s account with another profile picture. You can also use inspect element to prank on your friend.
Inspect element can not change the coding or affect the code actually on the server. Once you refresh the page. Inspect element will change back to the original and the web page will come to its original view.

Why do Android device’s browsers do not have the inspect element option?

There might questions in your mind by now as that why we can not inspect elements from our android browser as we do from PCs? So, here’s the answer, as we know Android devices or smartphones’ display are small as compared to PC to display the inspecting elements on the screen.
In contrast, a part of the screen shows the code of inspect element on another hand half of the screen will highlight the area of inspecting elements whenever you click a specific code to explain which area belongs to which code.

How to inspect element on android without a computer

Simply, smartphones do not have that much room or enough space on their screens in which they can not display what you are inspecting. This results in not the option of inspect element option go missing from the web browser of Android devices.

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How to inspect elements on android without a computer?

Viewing inspect elements with android phones without connecting your android device with a computer is quite difficult and tricky for beginners, there are generally two ways from which you can view inspect elements on your android devices. So, let’s get into the first method:
Inspect element on Google chrome from Android Device
• First, open chrome on your android device.
• Then open your desired web page for whom you want to see the inspect element. For eg: You want to open Facebook,
• When the desired web page gets open, add view-source: in front of the beginning of the URL link. view-source: https//
• After adding the view-source at the beginning of the desired side then press enter.
• You will able to see the complete code for the desired web page.
• Copy the code and make the changes you want.

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How to inspect element on android without a computer

This method is not that useful if you won’t make changes in a particular inspect element, because with this method you have got the complete code for the webpage instead of a particular element. After copying the complete code, you have to find the desired inspected element to make changes in it.
The second method to inspect elements on Android devices is, In case you need specific elements on your android device, there is an app called “Inspect and Edit HTML Live”. There are several features of this app instead of showing and editing specific elements of HTML code of any webpage, you can also use JavaScript Console prototype which means with this app you can also enter your JavaScript commands into the desired web page.
• First download the app from the play store with the name “Inspect and Edit HTML live”.
• Then open the web browser, then you have to click over the inspector mode.
• After that go to the web page, you want to edit the inspect element.
• Then edit anything.
• For Eg: you want to edit the name of the Facebook page to friends’ book. You have to go through all the steps.

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