The Uncanny Counter Episode 8 – Korean Drama out on Netflix

The uncanny counter is fundamentally Korean television series. Star cast is Jo – Jeong, Yeom Hye-ran and Kim Se – Jeong, yoo jun – sang.

This amazing television series is based on Daum we toon this is also known as “amazing rumors” by character Jong yi, it centers on the titular character So mun, a crippled high schoolboy. 

who is recruited to be part of the Counters, a group of demon-hunters, survey for and battle against evil spirits that breakout from the afterlife to target on humans.

Know more about The Uncanny Counter Episode 8

The series premiered on the OCN network on November 28, 2020, and this series airs every Saturday and Sunday. Recently The Uncanny Counter Episode 8 has also been released. It is also accessible for streaming worldwide on Netflix.  nowadays it is the highest-rated  OCN series.

Production of “The Uncanny Counter”

In the year 2020 in July, the crew units of the TV series finalized, by producers.

  Kim Se-jeong is another musician roll actor to take a unique role of esper, pretending as the crews’ radar. The dialogue reading session held in October in the year 2020. The initial and main look published on October 19, 2020, providing a sneak-peek into characters.

This drama reunites both  Jo Byung-gyu and Lee Ji-won who previously worked together in a commercially popular and highest-rated drama Sky Castle.


The Uncanny Counter – Main characters:-

The main character of this amazing series is as follows

◾So Mun

He is the inexperienced and freshest member of the counters; part-time server at Eonni’s Noodles. Mun is physically disable. Mun is a high school student who lost his parents seven years ago in a car accident. In that accident, he got his disability. He has strong talent in representation and is making a superhero webtoon.

He also has a gentle image, but behind this, there is a strong sense of justice, obligation and commitment and being shielding of his friends.

Mun also can realize evil spirits that attain the Counter “territory” only nominal to that of Ha-na’s. He also uses his superhuman power in battle against the bullies that endanger his partners and schoolmates. He used all his powers to protect his friends.

◾ Ga Mo-tak

A member of the Counters team; a former police officer and assistant chef at Eonni’s Noodles.
Mo-tak is prominent for his gruff manner but he is also act as joker once in a while.
He suffered from an incident. He was in a coma after falling from a tall building in a firefight against some gangsters seven years ago.
Because of that accident fall caused him to lose his memories. He becomes a Counter upon being held by his Yung supporter Gi-ran.

At first, he is opposed to accepting Mun because of his disability but later he helps nurture Mun so the latter he can be a good Counter.
As a Counter, he acquires superhuman courage and power and short-range psychometry.

◾Do Ha-na

A member of the Counters and a waitperson at Eonni’s Noodles. Ha-na has a standoffish temperament and dislikes it when someone tries to touch her. She took off into coma after being poisoned with her little sister who ultimately died.
As a Counter, she can sense evil spirits that enter the Counter “territory” even from hundreds of kilometres away.
She also possesses some psychometric abilities and power. Counters which allows her to read remembrances even from years ago and enter these memories as if in a material world.

◾Choo Mae-ok member of the Counters and the cook of Eonni’s Noodles. Mae-ok used to run a photography studio for a living.

As a Counter, her special power is healing powers and serves as a consultant to the Counters and also a mother figure to Mun. She emits a caring and positive personality.

The Uncanny Counter Episode 8 – Supporting characters:-

Some significant supporting characters are as follows

◾ Mun’s Yung partner. Wi-gen is the ruler of the Yung, the boundary between the afterlife and the world of living beings.

She is stunned by the reality that she eligible to have Mun despite the latter not existing comatose. She is the main character of this series.

◾ Kim Gi-ran characterised as Mo-takes Yung partner. Gi-ran is a straight spirit who is largely annoyed by Mo-tak and his fellow Counters’ periodic rule and regulations breaking.

◾ Woo-Sik characterised by as Ha-na’s Yung partner. Woo-Sik is a young boy but he is experienced enough in his angle and attitude.

◾ Kwon Su-ho characterised as Mae-ok’s Yung partner. Su-ho is in charge of maintaining all reach Yung’s records of deaths.

Know more about “Episodes of the uncanny counters”:-

This amazing Korean television series has 16 episodes. Out 16 episodes 8 episodes released. The released episode was popular among its audience.

Know more about release dates of episodes:-

8 episodes broadcasted moreover the latest The Uncanny Counter Episode 8 released recently on 20th December.

November 28, 2020 Episode 1
November 29, 2020 Episode 2
5 December 2020, Episode 3
6 December 2020, Episode 4
12 December 2020, Episode 5
13 December 2020, Episode 6
19 December 2020 , Episode 7
20 December 2020.Episode 8

Release dates of upcoming episodes given below

2 January 2021 Episode 9
3 January 2021 Episode 10
9 January 2021 Episode 11

10 January 2021 Episode 12
16 January 2021 Episode 13
17 January 2021 Episode 14
23 January 2021 Episode 15
24 January 2021 Episode 16

“The uncanny counter” this series is fully based on a crew of four demon hunters called counter, these counters bear the task of searching evil spirits, that escape from the afterlife to gain immortality.

This series is also called as amazing rumours in fact The genre of the series is a thriller, mystery and fantasy. Series written by Yeo Ji-na and Directed by Yoo Seon-dong. The Uncanny Counter Episode 8 is out now and the Running time of each episode is 70 minutes.


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