Is Under The Bridge Based On A True Story Of Reena Virk?

In the last few years, we all may have noticed the new trend that is rising for documentary series or fictional series based on true stories and real-life events, and some of the top contenders in this category are Hulu and Netflix. Now Hulu has decided to bring forward one of the incidents which was not very well known to the masses and that is the murder of Reena Virk. For those who have already watched this particular series, you all very well know how traumatizing the entire story is and many dark sides were brought in front of you all that were never known to us.

The name Under the Bridge is very appropriate for this particular series, and that is because although the series takes place throughout the town, the main incident around which the story involves actually happened under the bridge where Reena Virk was brutally murdered. This show is actually adapted from a book that shares the same title as the series and came to us in the year 2005 and is written by Rebecca Godfrey.

This particular Hulu show was very awaited by the fans and it is actually not in a documentary format which is one of the main reasons, fans are so connected to it. The series has also received quite good comments from the critics out there and although the show has not made it to us, fans are highly anticipating the show all over the world. Following which coming to the main topic of the article which is regarding whether Under the Bridge is actually based on a true story, and the answer is yes, it is originally adapted from the real-life event where 14-year-old Reena was cold-bloodedly murdered by her peers in 1997. This incident was so horrific that it soon rose to a level of national tragedy, and gathered a lot of attention internationally as well.

Under The Bridge True Story

Is Under The Bridge Based On A True Story Of Reena Virk?

As we have already mentioned, the entire story that we get to see in this particular series is actually based on a true story. Reena Virk was a young Canadian girl of Indian origin and belonged to a minority group of Jehovah’s Witnesses which was very rare among the Indian community living in Canada. You may get a few spoilers ahead.

She always had a lot of fear of missing out and her main aim was to stand side by side with her peers. At that time the entire locality was run by street gangs, and girls and boys were equally a part of it. The case mainly takes place, when 14-year-old Reena who was always bullied for her desperation and overweight was called to a party by her friends which was taking place under the Craigflower bridge on 14th of November, 1997.

That is exactly where a group of girls called the Shoreline Six, surrounded her during the party and started to bully her out of nowhere as she was often very targeted. Starting from stubbing cigarette butts on her head, to nearly lighting her entire hair on fire, she was brutally abused by them. Though she was left for a while, she was again dragged to the other side of the bridge where she was beaten again and dragged into the water, where she was left to be drowned.

Now the entire series revolves around the case, circumstantial shreds of evidence, and how the case was solved. many of the characters and events are completely inspired by the real-life events that took place, however, some are dramatized and fictional as well, for easier understanding of the masses.  Another main reason behind this series is to bring in front of the world, the case that actually happened, and most people don’t know about, how safe our peers are and how teenage psychology works all over.

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Under The Bridge Season 2

This particular show is a limited series, which means we are only going to get a single-season season all over. The entire book as well as the case which is being discussed will be covered completely in a single season and that too will be making it to us on the 17th of April, 2023. As of now, there are no updates regarding the second season and the chances for it are also very low according to our prediction.

Where Can We Watch Under The Bridge?

This particular show will be available for streaming only on the Hulu platform, and mainly because it is a Hulu original series.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Under The Bridge Based On A True Story Of Reena Virk?

Yes, the incident is completely true which happened in the year 1997.

2.Is Josephine Bell a real person?

The character is completely not real but actually based on a real person.

3.Why was Reena Virk bullied?

She was bullied, for being an outsider in a predominantly white school.

4.Who beat up Reena Virk?

A group called The Shoreline Six were the one who committed the crime against Reena

5.Where can we watch Under The Bridge?

The show is available for streaming on the Hulu platform.

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