Is Mia Gay In Everything Now? Exploring All About This Character’s Personality! 

If you are looking for some engrossing teen drama to binge on Netflix, then we have got you all covered on this one. Brimming with mystery, suspense, romance and melodrama, Everything Now is undoubtedly a breathtaking drama series. Not to forget, Sophie Wilde’s eye-catching performance as Mia Polanco was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience out there. 

Focusing on too many types of sexuality and yet not calling it out loud, we must say that this Netflix series has been layered up extremely well by creator Ripley Parker. Celebrating and giving the utmost respect to the LGBTQIA+ community, many are even looking forward to the renewal of Everything Now. Well, this Netflix comedy-drama is mostly focused on a bunch of queer relationships and everything you need to know about it.

Is Mia Gay In Everything Now? Exploring All About This Character’s Personality! 

Is Mia Gay In Everything Now? Exploring All About This Character’s Personality! 

From the various concepts of gay romance to asexuality, Everything Now makes room for everyone out there. The best part of this comedy-drama happens to be the dramatic tone used by the creator of the show. You might think it is heavily dependent on sexuality, but we can say for sure that this intriguing Netflix show is much more than just a teen drama series. Speaking of the character of Mia Polanco, we will see how a sixteen-year-old survivor of anorexia is ready and determined to explore every bit of her high school life. 

Now that her prolonged battle in the hospital is over, Mia is ready to make the most of her life and thus comes her “wild wish list”. From partying, and doing drugs to random hookups, her friends have undoubtedly forgotten all about her existence. But given her fascinating personality, she is surely not someone you can forget so soon! Thus, we are introduced to her dark desires and wild fantasies! Speaking of her sexuality, in the Netflix series we will see her involved with both men and women. We are quite sure about the fact that Mia is bisexual, but not gay.

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What Lies Ahead Of Mia Polanco? 

Initially with her big confession to Carli and creating a huge mess in her friend’s group, we saw how Mia was desperately trying to tick off all the items from her “wild wish list”. Not to forget, it was mostly due to her fear of missing out on life. After all, how could she ignore the fact that her close friend died of anorexia? But just when Mia was busy enjoying her life, she collapsed again! This has to be the turning point of this story. 

With Mia’s eating disorder thriving back in her life, we will see how she decides to change her lifestyle. With the epic conclusion of Season 1, Mia was a renewed person who started focusing more on her eating habits! As per various online sources, if the show ever returns with Season 2, then we will see a more mature version of Mia Polanco. But the main question is Everything Now renewed for a second run.

Everything Now Season 2 Is Not Happening – Are The Rumours True?

Is Mia Gay In Everything Now? Exploring All About This Character’s Personality! 

If we are not wrong, the creator of this Netflix show indeed wanted to continue the absorbing storyline of this intriguing drama series. Many sources confirmed earlier that Everything Now might soon make a comeback with Season 2. But recently, the show star Dylan Brady was captured in an exclusive interview where he addressed all the questions regarding the renewal of the show. Unfortunately enough, the popular coming-of-age comedy-drama has been officially cancelled by Netflix. 

Yes, you heard it right, Everything Now is not returning with a second instalment. As per the information gathered by us, the initial plan was to add even more riveting twists and turns to this teen drama. But guess what, the show somehow failed to meet the popularity standards of Netflix! But again, fans can always demand the renewal of the show. Given the current scenario, the future of Everything Now Season 2 looks bleak and uncertain. Hopefully, in the upcoming months, more details about Everything Now Season 2 will come under our radar. That’s all for today, to get more such captivating updates on other engrossing Netflix series, stay connected with us, just right here.

Is Mia Gay In Everything Now? Exploring All About This Character’s Personality! – FAQs

1. Can you watch all the riveting episodes of Everything Now online?

All the riveting episodes of Everything Now can be viewed online, exclusively on Netflix. 

2. Is Everything Now not returning with a second instalment?

As per the official announcement, Everything Now is not coming back with a second instalment. 

3. Is Everything Now a limited Netflix series?

No, Everything Now is not a limited Netflix series. 

4. Is there any teaser available for Everything Now Season 2?

As of now, there is no teaser available for Everything Now Season 2. 

5. How many total episodes are present in Everything Now Season 1? 

Everything Now Season 1 holds a total of 8 episodes. 

6. Has Netflix cancelled the renewal of Everything Now Season 2?

Yes, Netflix has cancelled the renewal of Everything Now Season 2. 

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