Is Lootere Based On A True Story? Hansal Mehta’s New Series

When it comes to crafting thrilling stories with a perfect blend of action, who does it better than Hansal Mehta? This time, he is back with Lootere. Today, we will see – is Lootere based on a true story?

The series talks about an incident that will shock anyone to their core if they manage to know about it. It tells us about a story where pirates attacked and plundered a trading boat in the middle of vast seas. Besides telling you if Lootere is based on a true story or not, we will tell you everything else about this new venture.

Is Lootere Based On A True Story? Let’s Find Out

Anyone who has ever troubled in the sea nose the true horror that lies in between the vast waters. When you are out in the sea besides the high tidal waves and occasional sea storms, another big fear is there. It lurks right around in the corner but everyone is afraid to talk about it openly. Whenever any ship is out in the ocean there is a high chance that a group of people will try to hijack it. Yes, we are talking about pirates and in the whole history of viruses Somali pirates at the worst. Hansal Mehta, in his new venture, Lootere, presents a storyline where this fear comes to life. 

The series starts by showing us a normal daily life trading vessel that is going out into the sea. Everything stays alright including the weather but as the film rolls forward things start to intensify. Somehow pirates get to know about the board and they start to come inside. Lootere shows the true horrors of the seas – the blend of psychological trauma fear emotions and action sequences makes this movie special. I think that’s why when the trailer first came out on YouTube, it got a huge number of views. Now that the series is here, it already attracting a lot of attention from the audience.

People are trying to know more about this show. Netizens are extremely curious regarding the authenticity of this series – is Lootere based on a true story? Is the series based on any incident that happened recently? If you think Lootere is based on a true story, well, it draws inspiration. According to popular reports the series falls under the inspired by true events category. There are a lot of instances when pirates decide to capture trading vessels just to create pressure. Lootere aims to show us the dark side of travelling in the season of oceans. So in one way, Lootere is based on a true story.

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Lootere: A Unjust Fight Against All Odds 

Now that you know if Lootere is based on a true story or not, let us tell you more about this web series. If you have not watched the trailer yet you can find it easily by scrolling back up to the top of this article. Lootere starts its story by showing us a situation where our vessel is in danger. The show Texas of from the coast of Somalia where a trading vessel from India is currently struggling. Everything was going fine the weather was also not bad but somehow this vessel needed to be saved. Since they are on international waters there are dangers everywhere.

Unfortunately, a team of Somali pirates are trying to capture this Indian trading vessel at all costs. That trading vessel from India has a lot of passengers on board and they must escape this ill fate. Vikrant Gandhi happens to be the president of the Mogadishu Port area. He has got this business from his father-in-law but he is trying his best to run it. There were a lot of incidents in past that have troubled is business. Vikrant has this one chance to revive his business by properly aiding this Indian trading vessel. A valuable item is coming from Ukraine and Vikrant has chosen this ship to carry it.

Captain AK Singh is in charge of the ship; he is a rightful commander and has years of experience in defending his territory. In this trouble, the captain probably expected something like this to happen. The small Somalian pirates appeared to be harmless but they were carrying heavy weapons. Soon they started to attack the commercial vessel out of nowhere. In this crisis, the captain and the businessman must step forward and rescue the hostages. Will they be able to stop the Somalian pirates from extracting a large random from the Indian government?

The Team Behind Lootere And the Official Streaming Platform Of This Series

Rajat Kapoor, the veteran and creative actor leads this series as Captain AK Singh. Other notable cast members of this web series include Vivek Gomhar, Abhishekh Khan, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Amruta Khanwikar, Deepak Tijori, Gaurav Paswala, Gaurav Sharma, Preetika Chawla, and Tuks Tad Lungu. Hansal Mehta and Shaailesh Singh have jointly created this dark tale of the struggle against the Somali pirates. If you want to watch Lootere, please head on to Disney+ Hotstar.

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