Ankahi Ansuni Season 2: Release Date Coming Soon?

Mysteries usually can be solved if there are enough time and clues. But when the paranormal is involved with mystery, things does not go as planned at all. Ankahi Ansuni presents us with such kind of a storyline. 

The plot revolves around a web of mysteries that keeps on rattling people on a small town. A police officer sets out to unravel all these mysteries after destiny knocks him into this strange location. Apart from talking about Ankahi Ansuni Season 2 and it’s release date, we will talk about the first season. The audience is very satisfied with the storyline of this series.

Ankahi Ansuni Season 2: Will There Be A Second Part?

Unless you are not a big fan of crime drama or thrillers in general, you will definitely like Ankahi Ansuhi. If you have watched this series, you know how well the makers created a mist of intense mystery. Ankahi Ansuni revolves around the new life of a policeman – strange incidents and paramormal events kept on intensifying around him. However, he looks out for different clues and tries to get the best out of any situation. From the very beginning, the writers have managed to maintain an intriguing atmosphere. 

Some of the episodes of first season reportedly left some fans disappointed due to the way of storytelling. According to some of them, the drama lost it’s essence of mystery after the third episode of Ankahi Ansuni Season 2 came out. But it turns out that no matter how you feel, the concluding episodes raised the bar by quite a few inches. Apart from some instances of the paranormal aspect or some parts of the story, most of the audience has loved the storyline of this series.

Ankahi Ansuni Season 1 has managed to tap into the consciousness of mystery fans in such a manner, that it had left the audience wanting for more. People are genuinely curious about any upcoming season from the creators. So, what is Ankahi Ansuni Season 2? Is another series of this drama in the works? Right now, we have no news about Ankahi Ansuni Season 2. We do not know if the makers will renew the drama after season 1. Most probably, Umesh will not be coming to the big screens for another season. Ankahi Ansuni Season 2, even if is made, will not be coming any time before 2025.

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Ankahi Ansuni: The Untold Mystery Of A Ghost Town 

If you are ever caught misbehaving while you are on duty in a government service, your higher officials will definitely charge you. You will be penalised for this offence and the charges might not make you happy. The same thing happened with Umesh – he is a police officer and the main character of our mystery drama. The story of Ankahi Ansuni Season 1 revolves around the life of a policeman who gets penalised for his misbehaviour. As a result, he gets a punishment and Umesh gets transferred to an absolutely remote area. 

If you think that this is the main story, just wait for the mystery that slowly unfolds. After Umesh reaches his new destination Jhaagi, he surprises everyone. This town is a place where strange events happen and nobody has been able to figure them out. Jhaagi is located near a pair of deserted towns, Raazi and Khaasa. According to the local people, there is something wrong with the town of Raazi. They say that the town carries a curse rooted deep inside it. Umesh comes to know that three women have mysteriously vanished from Jhaagi for some reason.

Although people keeps talking about paranormal stories about a ghost bride or a haunted ghost town, Umesh does not seem to believe in it. All he focuses is the level of danger all of them are in right now. This is his first case and Umesh must solve it without costing anyone’s life. He takes help from his policemen – but one twist changes their course of investigation. When Umesh went to visit the ghost towns along with his acquaintance Pyaare, they discovered a young man’s body. That’s when Umesh understood that apart from the urban myth, there’s something hideous too.

The Team Behind Ankahi Ansuni And Official Streaming Platform Of The Series

This series consists of a star studded cast of Paresh Pahuja, Swati Rajput, Veebha Anand, Avtar Vaishnani, Vibhuti Upadhyay, Arvind Jangid, Aatm Prakash Mishra, and Abhi Sharma. Till now, we have not got any official news about Ankahi Ansuni Season 2. If the makers decide to make another season, Ankahi Ansuni Season 2 will probably delve deeper into the mysterious ghost towns. Till then, you will have to wait – if you want to watch Ankahi Ansuni, please head on to Disney+ Hotstar.

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