Is Late Night With The Devil Based On A True Story?

Have you ever imagined what would happen if a television broadcast unleashed the evil? Late Night With The Devil presents a similar scenario. In this article, we will see – is Late Night With The Devil based on a true story?

The movie starts back in the 1970s when a live television stream is coming. Somehow, for some reason, everything takes a dark turn and the telecast unleashes horror from television screens. Apart from talking about whether Late Night With The Devil is based on a true story or not, we will tell you everything about this horror thriller.

Is Late Night With The Devil Based On A True Story? Everything We Know

For every true horror fan out there, you know how much these movies matter to you. Hollywood has given us enough of them to enjoy our lazy afternoons or quiet nights. Whenever we search for true horror movies, we search for movies that set an intriguing atmosphere. We look for movies that will not break the cloud of horror throughout the entire movie. That’s why, movies like Amityville Horror, The Conjuring, and Nosferatu, have achieved the status of being classics in this field. The legacy poses a competition to any new director out there who wants to make a new horror film.

Late Night With The Devil is a new film that came out on 22nd March 2024 – rather than picking up haunted mansions or abandoned graveyards, this movie takes an amazing concept. It takes us back in time when an old television telecast went wrong. The paranormal content that streamed across television screens caused huge havoc across the nation. Evil forces came out and then, chilling incidents followed; before going on with the plot of this movie, let us tell you more. People who have watched this film want to know more about the plot and the events it showed.

Netizens have assumed a lot after watching this film recently. So, is Late Night With The Devil based on a true story? Does the movie tell us about any controversial historical incident? If you think if Late Night With The Devil is based on a true story, it is not. The director has made the film in the style of a documentary – but the plot is entirely fictional. This film presents a crafted 1970 documentary as if it is a real-life tape of possession. But if you think that Late Night With The Devil is based on a true story, you are wrong. It is easy to get confused by this realistic and documentary-styled presentation.

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Late Night With The Devil: Most Stylish Horror Comedy Documentary 

For everyone who has already watched this horror movie, I bet you have loved this movie already. Late Night With The Devil looks like a 1970 broadcast tape that someone has extracted from a television telecast. Jack Delroy is a television show host who has risen in fame due to his presentation style. But the movie starts with a very sad theme – Delroy has lost his wife in a sudden demise. At the very beginning of Late Night With The Devil, we see that the channel tells us about Delroy’s absence. It appears as if the entire thing is pre-recorded and we are seeing something that’s not live.

But before all of this happens, let me tell you more about Jack Delroy’s background for a bit. His job is to host television shows that might be a bit unique, or mainly, creepy. Jack hosts a Late Night Talk Show where he interviews different people who come on the show. He asks about their experiences and takes on different matters – everything was going well and good until that one night which rocked the entire nation. Now, as a presenter, Jack Delroy’s main job was to make his show worth watching. He aims to achieve the first position among all the talk shows.

But Jack did not ever expect to lose his senses like this – it was 1977 and Jack was interviewing a para psychologist in his Late Night Talk Show. In her new book, she was telling everyone about how a young teenager escaped from death. The teenager was a part of a Satanist Church that taught everyone different malpractices. The mass suicide event made everyone committ it, but there was one survivor. Shortly after this transmission, evil forces came out from TV screens. Delroy found himself into a different realm – the build-up of all these events led to a spine-chilling horror climax.

The Team Behind This Horror Movie And Official Streaming Platform Of This Movie 

David Dastmalchian plays the role of Jack Delroy, the Television show presenter who unleashed the devil into the world. He is the one responsible for mixing different planes and realms. Other notable cast members of this horror movie include Laura Gordon, Michael Ironside, Elise Jansen, Christopher Kirby, Faysal Bazzi, Ingrid Torelli, Georgina Haig, Paula Arundell, Steve Mouzakis, Josh Quong Tart, and Gabby Seow. 

Although Late Night With The Devil is not based on a true story, the narrator’s documentary style creates doubt. If you want to watch Late Night With The Devil, please keep an eye on the movie’s official website.

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