Chicken Nugget Season 2 Release Date Update – Will This K-drama Be Continued? 

A brand new South Korean comedy-drama has recently caught our attention. All the entertaining episodes of Chicken Nugget Season 1 are finally streaming on Netflix. Yet again, a mind-blowing mystery television series has appeared on our interest list and we can’t wait to tell you more about it. Directed by Lee Byeong-heon, the 10-episode Netflix drama has got mixed reviews out there. 

But fans who know all about the popular Naver webtoon of the same name are surely looking forward to the official renewal announcement. Yes, you heard it right, before becoming a heart-warming Netflix drama, Chicken Nugget was once a very famous Naver webtoon. Thus, on popular demand,  here is all you need to know about Chicken Nugget Season 2. 

Chicken Nugget Season 2 Release Date Update – Will This K-drama Be Continued? 

Chicken Nugget Season 2 Release Date Update - Will This K-drama Be Continued? 

Starring talented actors like Ryu Seung-ryong and Ahn Jae-hong, if you love bingeing fascinating K-dramas, then this can be your new favourite! Chicken Nugget Season 1 has got a rating of 7.3 on MyDramaList. Unfortunately, its rating on IMDb is a bit disappointing, but we do think with time, the numbers might become better. We must say the creators did try their best to add more and more layers to this comedy drama. Whether it was the incorporation of funny punchlines or eye-catching twists and turns, K-drama lovers indeed enjoyed bingeing the very first instalment of this show. 

But before we give you a short overview of Season 1, let us quickly talk about the renewal status. To be accurate, Chicken Nugget Season 1 was released just a few days back, particularly on the 15th of March, 2024. Thus, it is still quite early for Netflix to give a concrete statement on Season 2. Many online sources do think that the plot is very silly and there are just too many loopholes present in the story! Well, Netflix will surely do a complete analysis of the progress report of Chicken Nugget Season 1. As per our estimates, if the reviews and ratings of this K-drama soon meet with Netflix’s benchmark, then Chicken Nugget Season 2 can roll out in 2025 or 2026. 

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What Happens To Be The Plot Of Chicken Nugget Season 1? 

We all know that K-dramas are famous all around the world for their extremely dramatic and cheesy content. And guess what, the new Netflix series goes beyond everyone’s imagination! Who would have ever thought that when Choi Min-ah steps into that strange-looking machine, she will eventually convert into a chicken nugget? And this is where the comedy series gears up! On one side, we have her father, Choi Sun-man who partially feels he is liable for all the mess created. 

After all, the machine was kept in his office. While on the other side, we have Ko Baek-Joong, who has a huge crush on Min-ah but has never found the courage to express his feelings to her. As these two get on board with the ultimate mission of finding her, we will see how they will do everything possible to bring Min-ah back into the real world. To know what lies ahead in this entertaining K-drama, you surely need to binge all the compelling episodes of Chicken Nugget Season 1. 

Chicken Nugget Season 2 Storyline Prediction! 

Chicken Nugget Season 2 Release Date Update - Will This K-drama Be Continued? 

The unique ending of Season 1 surely left all of us in confusion. It was quite interesting to see how Baek-joong was brave enough to agree with the aliens’ ultimate decision! To bring back Min-ah, they must go back in time! But here is the main catch, if they decide to jump into that very first day when Min-ah was transformed into a chicken nugget, none of them will remember what lies in their future! Despite knowing the consequences, Baek-Joong decided to revive Min-ah! 

Well, if Season 2 happens, then we would like to see the final reunion of Min-ah and Baek-joong! Since he sacrificed so much for her, he surely deserves to be her perfect match. But again, if the show is ever renewed, then the whole time loop thing might start again. Not to forget, the aliens were very much disappointed by the human world and you never know, they might make a comeback to entertain us again! 

Chicken Nugget Season 2 Release Date Update – Will This K-drama Be Continued? – FAQs

1. Was Min-ah finally transformed into a human?

Yes, Min-ah was finally transformed back into a human. 

2. Did the aliens return to the human world after 50 years?

Yes, the aliens did return to the human world after 50 years. 

3. Is the Netflix comedy drama, Chicken Nugget renewed for Season 2?

The Netflix comedy-drama, Chicken Nugget is yet to be renewed for Season 2. 

4. How many total episodes can there be in Chicken Nugget Season 2? 

Chicken Nugget Season 2 might hold a total of 8 to 10 episodes. 

5. Can you watch all the interesting episodes of Chicken Nugget Season 1 online? 

All the interesting episodes of Chicken Nugget Season 1 can be viewed online, exclusively on Netflix. 

6. Was Min-ah ultimately reunited with Baek-joong? 

Unfortunately, Baek-joong was not able to reunite with the love of his life, Min-ah. 

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